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Close Encounter Cases 1951 thru 1961

Updated: Feb 18, 2023

by Mike Jamieson

The databases for reports of close encounters of the third and fourth kind are described here:

This paper covers cases on the record from 1951 through 1961, a stretch of time when the capacity to investigate and publish reports was first developing. As noted in other papers, most of the newly forming civilian-based UFO investigation efforts avoided addressing reports of close encounters of the third and fourth kind. A big exception to this avoidance was the first of the big UFO orgs (founded 1952), the Aerial Phenomena Research Organization (APRO).

Coral and Jim Lorenzen, APRO's founders, wrote this in their 1976 book "Encounters With UFO Occupants" (pg. 383): "We at APRO have been somewhat unpopular in the UFO research community since we began taking seriously the reports of landed UFOs and UFOnauts in the early 1950s. It was apparent that some people were ready to acknowledge the existence of UFOs in the Earth's atmosphere, but the idea of them landing or being piloted by intelligent beings seemed to be totally unacceptable, even though these same people espoused the idea that the UFOs were interplanetary in nature."

The Lorenzens were critical of the popular UFO contactee cults formed in the 1950s by con artists and deluded individuals. These movements were akin to religious and political movements exploiting common hopes and fears. Insofar as people reporting encounters, "we did not believe every report, but conversely, we were not unbelieving. Each report was part of the whole puzzle and our philosophy was much the same as it had been when we founded APRO---collect, study, and store the data". (Pg. 383 of above cited book.)

It would take some time for some types of cases to be considered for publication due to shocking activities reported. A 1957 case involving a farmer from Brazil named Antonio Villas Boas seemed suggestive of an alien agenda involving reproduction and human genetics.

The Lorenzens in their 1976 book revealed (pg 383): "In the middle 1960s a new faucet of the UFO phenomenon was manifested with the revelation of the Betty and Barney Hill case. This news indicated that we should reconsider the Villas Boas case which had been a stored item and one which we had felt would not be readily acceptable by the UFO field, let alone the general public." The alleged abduction of the Hills happened on a lonely New Hampshire road in 1961, four years after Villas Boas reportedly experiencing an abduction.

The Barney and Betty Hill case, based on an event in September 1961, is the subject of a documentary production soon to start and for eventual Netflix distribution. This is being produced by the 44th President of the United States and his wife via their Higher Grounds Production company:

(The basic information from the Hill and Villas Boas cases will be shared in this paper.)


Below are a small sampling of cases from various compilations and published sources.

~~March 1951...10:30pm...Pine Bluff, Arkansas

Clifford W. Bowman, 48, and wife were driving over Union Bridge when they saw 50 feet over it a round object estimated at 30 feet in diameter and 7 1/2 feet in height. There were multi-colored lights from windows (pink, yellow, and white). The craft emitted sound like an electric motor. It began to approach which caused his car motor to shut off. It landed in a field and it's lights went off. Bowman got out of the car to walk to it and saw "something" run around it and then get into it. The couple apparently reported to the Air Force (the HUMCAT entry notes incident was investigated by personnel with AF UFO program).

~~September 1951...9 pm and 9:15 pm...Bloomington, California

Mrs. Louise McDougall described this incident witnessed by her, her husband and three others in a letter to the UFO group NICAP in 1961 and was further interviewed by ufologist Lucius Farish in 1975. The witnesses were sitting outside when they saw very close up a 100 foot-in-diameter lenticular shaped craft which had tall rectangular-shaped silver craft around it's lower half. Visible to her in the amber-colored glow were four human-looking makes in one piece jump suits and shoulder length hair. She shone a spot light on the craft which then shot off silently at an "incredible speed". It returned 15 minutes later and departed after several minutes.

~~April 4 1952...Evening...Hasselbach, East Germany

This story came from a former Mayor of an East German city, Oskar Linke, who had not heard of flying saucers until he had escaped to West Germany soon after he and his stepdaughter Gabrielle had their encounter. The two had been riding a motorcycle when one of the tires flattened as they were outside Hasselbach.

They saw what at first they thought was a deer fifty yards in the distance. Moving closer, it was evident that there were two human-shaped figures wearing "shimmering" metallic clothing. They were examining the ground.

They also saw an object "like a huge oval warming pan", estimated to be 30 to 40 feet across. Along the sides were two parallel rows of 1 foot diameter holes. In the center was a ten foot tall black cylindrical object.

The figures notice the two when Linke's stepdaughter speaks to him. Linke notices one of the beings was wearing a "flashing lamp" on his chest.

After noticing the two, the beings rush into the craft via the central cylindrical tower. The edge of the craft first glows green, then red. Next, the disc begins to spin and rise up the cylinder, then the whole craft departs.

This story is published by Antony Terry in the July 6 1952 issue of the "Sunday Graphic" in London.

~~May 24 1952...10:50pm...Prospect Heights, Illinois

Mrs. Ann Sohn was looking out her window when she saw a luminous (glowing white) disc-shaped object hovering over a vacant lot next door. Squarish windows were evident alongside the edge, a transparent dome on top, and a "cloud of green-glowing vapor" underneath. All but three of the windows were dark. She reported seeing for a few minutes three beings, described only as "wearing parka-like coveralls with hoods or headpieces". (Quotes from HUMCAT entry.) She saw some beings move some levers, with the craft then lighting up a bright red-orange and rapidly departing. This story was investigated by Bob Runser for the Center for UFO Studies and published in 1975.

~~June 1952...mid-afternoon...Agawam, Massachusetts

This is a case noted in the HUMCAT compilation as having been reported and investigated first in 1974 with hypnosis utilized.

The examined incident happened when Marianne Cascio was 11 years old. She was playing in woods near a corn field when she saw a flash in the sky. At some point she became inexplicably frightened and ran home. She hid out in her room with the music up and it took some time for her to calm down.

In 1974, as a young adult, she decided to get hypnotized by Dr. Berthold Schwarz and her case was published in 1976 and 1977.

Under hypnosis, she recalled that after seeing the flash she saw a small being (4' 11") looking at her. Being her size, she at first thought he was another child and asked if he wanted to help her build a tree fort.

But she noticed the odd appearance of the being when there was no response to that request, but instead a telepathically conveyed urging of her to be calm.

He was wearing a one-piece jump suit that extended over his head, obscuring some of the face. The eyes were "like Oriental eyes" (HUMCAT quote).

She noticed he was manipulating dials on a belt. She heard a beeping sound as she was escorted aboard a craft.

She was medically examined but she damaged her eyes ignoring the warning not to stare at lights rotating in different directions inside small boxes with crystal-like objects.

She then next found herself back outside, running home.

Her eyesight went bad over a period of time but under hypnosis she remembered a second abduction between 1967 and 1973 where the beings effected some improvement in her eyesight. The HUMCAT entry reports that famed abductee Betty Hill was an advisor to her after the story came out.

~~September 4 1952...midnight...near Autun, France

A young man was out camping in the woods outside of town when he saw a cylindrical-shaped craft five to six meters long. He also saw a being, basicly shaped like a human but with a large cranium and yellow eyes without pupils. The being briefly started approaching, but then turned back to the craft. It took off with sparks around it as doing so. Case in unpublished manuscript "Les Humanoids en France" which referenced "Les Maitres de l' Espace" by Henri Couvert.

~~September 12 1952...7:15pm...Flatwoods, West Virginia

This case received rapid and high profile press coverage: the Charleston, West Virginia "Daily Mail" on September 14 and the "Charleston Gazette" on September 15.

When three boys saw a reddish object streak overhead (a fireball seen by others in the region), they could see that it apparently landed near them on a hilltop. These boys were joined by a woman, her two sons and another boy to check out the hilltop scene and saw a "fluctuating orange-red light" on the hill. Shining their flashlight into the area, they saw "something like an armless man down to the waist, with a pear-shaped head or helmet and two luminous 'eyes' from which bluish light emerged..." Some witnesses saw arms.

The witnesses reported that this apparent being first started gliding towards them, and then towards an object described as being "pear-shaped" and 20 feet in size. This was about fifty feet from them. The object was said to be "pulsating between bright orange and full red".

A mist covered this area and an awful smell ("choking, metallic smell"). The boy, who had accompanied the woman (a local beautician) and her two sons, fainted and vomited throughout the night. (Quotes from HUMCAT.)

Reporters were on scene later that evening and while the object and the being were no longer there, the smell was as were some traces: a fifteen foot circle flattened grass, skid marks and a strip of browned vegetation.

A conclusion by some who subsequently examined this case is that this incident involved a misperception by excited people of a meteor and owl.

~~January 3 1953...1 pm...Santana dos Montes, Brazil

The Lorenzens in their 1976 book "Encounters With UFO Occupants" reported that "early 1953 saw the emergence of a new kind of report out of South America...The new activity...concerned landed objects and humanoids of varying size apparently gathering plants and soil or rock specimens". (Pg 143).

This next case involves a hospital employee named Mauricio Ramos Bessa who was returning to his farm home three hours away from town when he had an encounter which seems to have involved a biological effect designed to briefly control him.

On his way back home from shopping in town, Bessa encountered a luminous metallic object the size of a bus hovering just a few feet off the ground. The lower portion was flattened, the upper oval-shaped. He stopped his car as the object came near.

He saw two beings about four feet tall, with faces flatter than humans, emerging from the bottom. As he was seeing this, he rapidly developed a severe headache and had difficulty seeing so his observations were limited. The beings seemed to communicate in silence with one of them using a cylindrical object a half foot long to take soil samples.

The beings re-enter the craft and his headache and blurred vision lift as soon as the craft leaves.

~~March 22 1953...2 am....Tujunga, California

A woman living in an isolated cabin was awakened by an oscillating blue-white light coming from outside and approaching. There was another woman present. Their next immediate memory is sitting on the bed a little over two hours later (after 4 am). This disturbed them and they left the cabin. Her friend notices (as they are leaving) a " 'vaporious apparition' " of a long-haired personage with a benevolent expression".

In 1975 she gets hypnotized with MUFON investigators Ann Duffel and Isabel Epperson examining the case and writing a report.

The woman remembers 8 slender beings, 2 of average height and the others small-sized, in the kitchen and taking her and her friend by the arms. The beings were further described as wearing black one-piece "body stocking" that covered them except for the eyes, which are said to have been "tilted".

She and her friend were taken into the woods to a "metallic-white Saturn-shaped ship". She is placed on a table, laying down, and is examined by an anvil-like device descending close to her. She noticed attention to her lung surgery scar. The two women are eventually "floated" or levitated back to the cabin. (Quotes from HUMCAT entry.)

~~Spring 1954...Norco, California

A woman and her daughter went outside to check on a droning sound and saw a 20 foot long object, shaped like a row boat and with a transparent dome, moving very slow at low altitude. It briefly stopped over a nearby tree, where it became silent. The witnesses could see five beings with " 'rather long faces ', dark eyes and hair, and dull Olive complexions, and wore neutral-colored uniforms and helmets". The beings stared at the witnesses for a moment and then the craft moved on very slowly, the droning sound resuming.

Investigated and written up by Donald Hanlon for a 1968 issue of the Flying Saucer Review.

~~August 20 1954....near Mosjoen, Norway

This is an odd case receiving wide spread publicity with an apparently failed attempt to blame an American helicopter pilot who didn't come close to matching the being described.

The incident began with a friendly and smiling man approaching two sisters who were picking blueberries. He had long hair and was dark complexed. He wore a tight-fitting suit with a broad belt.

When one of the sisters extended her hand to shake his, the man responded by merely touching palms. He didn't seem to understand any languages the sisters attempted to talk to him with and they didn't understand what was described ass his "very melodius" speech which didn't seem to consist of separate words but instead seemed to be a flowing sound. He took out an object that looked like a small mirror and with a pencil-like object drew circles on it.

Somehow he suggested the sisters walk with him. They went to a clearing where there was a landed disc. He opened up a hatch and entered with a friendly goodby wave.

This case was written up in a 1955 issue of the Flying Saucer Review.

~~September 10 1954...10:30 pm...near Valenciennes, France

This case received worldwide press coverage with the distraught 34 year old Maruis Dewilde reporting his experience right away to police officials who in turn involved the Air Police and Department of Territorial Security in a follow-up examination of the scene.

With that type of initial reporting (after he woke up his wife) and follow-up examination, this case deserves more detail, here using a large portion of the description provided in the 1976 work by Coral and Jim Lorenzen ("Encounters With UFO Occupants", pgs 116-118).

Dewilde was "a serious, reliable metalworker in the Blanc-Misseron steel mills on the Belgian frontier. He lived with his family in a small home in the midst of fields and woods about a mile from Quarouble. His garden was adjacent to the National Coal Mines railway track.....and grade crossing 79 was next to his house."

He stayed up late reading after his wife and children had gone to bed.

"It was 10:30 pm when he heard his dog Kiki barking, and thinking there was a prowler in the vicinity of his property, he took a flashlight and went outside."

The Lorenzen recounting continued: "Dewilde walked to his garden, found nothing enroute, then spotted a dark mass on the railroad tracks 6 yards from his door. He thought at first that someone had left a farm cart there. At that point his dog approached, crawling on her belly and whining, and simultaneously he heard hurried footsteps to his right. The dog began barking again and Dewilde directed his flashlight toward the sound of the footsteps.

What Dewilde saw startled him greatly. Less than 3 or 4 yards away, beyond the fence, were two creatures, walking in a single file toward the dark mass at the tracks. Both creatures were dress in suits similar to those of divers, and light was reflected off glass or metal in the area of their heads. Both entities were small, less than 3 1/2 feet tall, but had very wide shoulders and the helmets covering their heads looked enormous. The legs looked very short in proportion to the height...."

The Lorenzens continue: "After the first fright passed, Dewilde rushed to the gate, intending to cut them off from the path or to grapple with one of them. When he was about 6 feet from them, he was blinded by a very powerful light somewhat like a magnesium flare which came from a square opening in the dark mass on the tracks. He closed his eyes and tried to scream but couldn't, and he felt paralyzed. He tried to move his legs but couldn't."

The light was sustained until the beings arrived at their craft and entered it. Dewilde regained use of his legs as it started to ascend.

It was rapidly out of sight.

Dewilde woke his wife and a neighbor, relating what happened, then went to the police. The federal teams mentioned above found no footprints in the hard soild but they did find clear landing traces from the craft: there were five places on the wooden ties that had sharply cut marks about 1 1/2 inch squared, which railroad engineers estimated required many tons of pressure; the gravel in the roadbed we're brittle, calcined at an extremely high temperature.

Dewilde had noted that the departing craft had a reddish glow. Several nearby residents reported seeing a reddish craft in the sky.

~~September 17 1954...about 10:30 pm...Cenon, France

This case also involves the temporary paralysis of a man by a small being (not described further likely due to the moon not have risen yet, affording some light).

Yves David was bicycling near Cenon, his pedaling generating a light, when he suddenly experienced the sensation of prickling or an electric shock, rendering him immobilized.

Having stopped pedaling, it became fully dark but his eyes adjusted enough to see not far ahead an object about 9 feet long and 3 feet high.

A small being was next observed approaching him. The being touched him on the shoulder, made an unfamiliar sound, and returned to the object.

The craft departed quite rapidly, giving off a greenish glow as it did so.

~~September 26 1954...4 pm...Chabeuil, France

Madame Leboeuf was mushroom picking in woods by a cemetery when her attention was drawn by a barking dog to the edge of a wheat field. It seemed at first that the dog was reacting to a scarecrow about three feet tall and dressed in a diving suit and helmet, both with translucent material.

But she quickly realized this was a living being when she saw larger-than-human eyes looking at her. The being began approaching her which caused her to scream and run.

When she turned to look back, she saw a "large, circular, and somewhat flattened metallic-appearing object rose from behind nearby trees and moved away at low altitude, making a whistling sound as it flew. It gained elevation as it crossed about the wheat field, and then veered and took off toward the northeast at high speed, gaining altitude all the time". (Lorenzen, 1979, "Encounters With UFO Occupants", pg 120).

Her husband and some people in the cemetery responded to her screams and the whistling sound of the departing craft.. The police were later involved. Significant landing traces were found.

It took the distraught Madame Leboeuf a couple of days in bed with a high fever to recover.

~~October 3 1954...dawn...Bressuire, France

Yet another entity of small size and said to be wearing something similar to a diving suit was encountered by a man riding his bike to work at dawn. The being was standing by a 10-foot disc-shaped craft, which he entered and then rapidly departed.

There were many very similar encounters to the above incident in France on the same date, and in the same period. The year 1954 in general yielded a very high number of encounter cases in Europe and South America. This paper includes only a very small percentage of 1954 cases on the record. I will conclude 1954 with the following 2 cases, with quite a few excluded showing similiar beings:

~~December 9 1954...evening...near Linha Bela Vista, Brazil and a separate incident 2 days later on another close-by farm

These two reported incidents, as written up by Coral and Jim Lorenzen ("Encounters With UFO Occupants", 1976, pgs 147-148):

"...Farmer Olmiro da Costa e Rosa...was working in his French bean and maize field...[when he] heard a sound 'like a sewing machine', whereupon the animals in the nearby pasture scattered and ran. He looked up and saw a strange object hovering 'just above the ground,' which looked like an 'explorer's hat.' It was cream-colored and surrounded by a smoky haze.

"Three 'men' were visible to Costa e Rosa. One was in the craft, his head and shoulders sticking outside an opening, and another apparently examining a barbed-wire fence. Another approached Costa e Rosa, who dropped his hoe in surprise. The man then raised his hand, reached down and picked up the hoe, and gave it back to the farmer. He then stopped over, uprooted a few plants, and started back to the craft.

"Somewhat reassured by these actions, the farmer advanced toward the craft...[and the being] near the fence made a gesture as if warning Costa e Rosa to stop, which he did. Some of the animals then approached, and Costa e Rosa, with gestures, told the strange creatures that he would give them one of the animals as a gift, but they didn't seem interested. Quite suddenly and unexpectedly the two men on the ground boarded the ship, which rose to about 30 feet, accelerated abruptly, and flew into the west at high speed.

"The description of these men is most interesting: they appeared to be of 'medium height, broad shouldered, with long blond hair, extremely pale skin, and slanted eyes. Their clothing was light brown in color and seemed fastened to their shoes, which looked odd to Costa e Rosa as they had no heels. The farmer was questioned at length by authorities from Porto Alegre and it was determined that Costa e Rosa was a responsible, honest man.

"Two days after [the above incident], Pedro Morais, who lived less than a mile from Costa e Rosa, was preparing to go to a warehouse for supplies at 5 pm. He heard a chicken squawking, and thinking hawks were raiding, he went outside to investigate. He could still hear the chicken but could not find it (and never did), for he saw an object which he described as looking like the 'hood of a jeep,' hovering just above the ground...."

Morais sees two figures in a nearby cultivated field and angrily approaches the trespassers. One gestures for him to stop but when he doesn't, one bends down and quickly uproots a tobacco plant and then both rush to the craft (which quickly departed). The beings are described as being enveloped in a yellow sack, head to toe.

~~March 1955...near La Roca, Spain

An architect named Pedro Corella was out for a drive when his car stalled. As he examines his engine, he notices several hundred feet away a "gyroscope-shaped object" with 2 short beings on top of it. The object was also witnessed by a farmer who was closer to it. Landing traces were found.

(Quote from HUMCAT and original publishing by Antonio Ribera.)

~~May 1955...15 minutes past midnight...Dinan, France

Monsieur Droguet was struck and immobilized by a beam of bluish-green light apparently coming from "an enormous object hovering 5 feet above the courtyard (which he had just entered after closing the gate).

He could see "2 short men wearing metallic one-piece gray overalls, and bulky helmets; they somewhat resembled the Michelin 'tire man' trademark. On the abdomen they had black boxes with wires attached...". (Quotes from HUMCAT entry and original publishing.)

The witness noted they had difficulty walking with one of them focused on picking up pebbles. After a few minutes, they entered the craft at the bottom via a ladder. The craft rose straight up without any sound, the outer section rotating and light going out.

~~August 21 1955...8 pm...Kelly-Hopkinsville, Kentucky

This is a famous case, which UFO historian Jerome Clark characterizes (volume 1 of 2018 UFO Encyclopedia, pg 643):

" 'The Kelly-Hopkinsville case, if considered entirely apart from the total pattern of UFO sightings, seems clearly preposterous, even to offend common sense', [wrote] J. Allen Hynek, astronomer, Project Blue Book consultant [in his 1972 book]. Yet even the Air Force, not known to lend a sympathetic ear to reports of UFO Landings and humanoids, lists this case in it's 'Unidentified' file. Law enforcement officers and civilian investigators alike we're puzzled by the story; even skeptics agreed something strange and frightening happened. None of this was enough, however, to save the witnesses from national ridicule."

There were ten witnesses, residing in a farmhouse near Kelly and Hopkinsville in western Kentucky, and an eleventh person residing there who was too frightened to respond to the surprise intruders.

The event began at 7 pm on a Sunday when Billy Ray Taylor went outside to get a drink of water from the well. Billy saw what he exclaimed to the others was a flying saucer, coming in low at 30 to 40 feet altitude, first fast and then slowing down and descending into a deep ( 40 feet) fully nearby at the end of a field. The other residents didn't respond to Billy's excited reporting, thinking he misidentified a shooting star.

The residents did respond at around 8 pm when hearing the dog barking very loudly. Billy and Lucky Sutton took a look from just outside the back door and saw the dog with "it's tail between it's legs, run under the house. They also saw a figure approaching from the field: a luminous creature, three and a half feet tall, with an oversized head; large, floppy pointed ears; arms that almost reached the ground; and hands that had talons at the end of the fingers. It's large eyes, glowing yellow, were set halfway between the front and side of the head. The figure seemed to be made of a silver metal. It's hands were raised." (Clark, vol 1, UFO Encyclopedia, pg 642)

Taylor and Sutton grabbed a shotgun and rifle inside and shot at the being when it came closer, just 20 feet away. The being did a flip and ran off into the darkness.

This being, or possibly another, reappeared at a side window and another resident shot at it through the window screen.

There were multiple other such encounters, also engaged outside (always preceded with the beings approaching with their long arms raised). In all cases the being was shot point blank but always recovered, sometimes floating away or with their arms seemingly propelling them.

Eventually the residents (including three children) got into two cars and made a mad dash to the Hopkinsville police station seven miles to their south, now around 11 pm. As they were arriving, a state police officer in the area "saw several unusual 'meteors' pass overhead 'with a noise like artillery fire' ".

The police chief and others went to the scene, noting empty shotgun shells and a hole in the window screen. Also, a luminous patch with no evident cause was noted by the fence where one of the beings had been shot. One of the cops noticed a green glow in the woods but with no further activity noted left at 2 am.

After all went to bed, one of the beings was seen peering into the window of the elderly woman resident (who opposed shooting at the non aggressive entities) at 2am. That sort of peeking happened for another two hours and then all was quiet.

~~September 1955...4 am...Plattsburgh, AFB, New York

Published source for this account is a 11/27/1955 report in the "Times-Union" of Albany, New York.

On night duty at the Air Force Base, a young man saw a blue-white flash and then an elliptical object on the ground outside. He closed the door, feeling afraid. Another door suddenly opened and a man taller than the 7 foot door stooped down to peek in. He was wearing long black boots. The young man fainted. The object and being were gone when he woke back up.

The 1956 volume of cases in the HUMCAT (the Humanoid Catalogue maintained at the Center for UFO Studies website) is somewhat sparse with a fair sprinkling of known hoaxed contactee claims similiar to the famous ones made by George Adamski . Here is an example of a sparse report from the HUMCAT that on the other hand was deemed credible by an investigator from NICAP (National Investigations Committee On Aerial Phenomena), an organization that usually avoided addressing close encounters of the third kind:

~~November 10 1956... Night...Parma, Ohio

The HUMCAT entry text for this case consists only of this:

"A woman and her 2 children, aged 10 and 15, observed a disc hovering over their front yard in the middle of the night. Three small figures were involved."

This paper will now conclude with a case from 1957 and another from 1961, both something of a preview of agendas and activities that became increasingly evident in subsequent years.

~~The case involving a then-farmer named Antonio Villas-Boas and events during the evenings of October 5, October 14, October 15 and the early morning (1:00 am) on October 16 1957. Location was a large family farm near Sao Francisco de Sales in the Brazilian state of Minas Gerais.

This story was first shared in November with a journalist named Joao Martins. Martins arranged a meeting with an APRO investigator and science consultant named Dr. Olavo T. Fontes at his consulting room at the National School of Medicine of Brazil where he was a professor of surgery. That meeting occurred on February 22 1958 and included a physical exam and the taking of a long sworn deposition.

Martins told Villas-Boas that he didn't feel comfortable publishing his story and Coral Lorenzen (learning of the case from her APRO investigator Dr Fontes in 1958) did not publish it until 1962 out of concern for "prudish" readers and how it would be regarded altogether.

UFO historian Jerome Clark summarized the February 1958 meeting with the doctor and journalist (volume 2, UFO Encyclopedia, pg 1228, 2018):

"Both Fontes and Martins were impressed with Villas-Boas's intelligence, straightforward manner, apparent sincerity, and refusal to speculate. Fontes wrote that 'we are not dealing with a psychopathic case, a mystic, or a visionary subject. In spite of this, the very substance of his story becomes the heaviest argument against it.' "

"Fontes gave Villas-Boas a thorough physical examination. He found two 'small hyperchromic spots, one on each side of the chin...rather roundish in shape...scars resulting from some superficial lesion with associated bleeding under the skin--of at least a month or at most a year since they came into existence'."

(The entities he encountered took a blood sample from that area.)

Here is a link to the sworn statement from Villas-Boas, in the last segment of this page:

Villas-Boas is very articulate in this statement so it was no surprise that he later became a successful lawyer. At the time of the encounter he was a farmer working with siblings on a large family farm which they worked in shifts around the clock.

Late in the evening of October 5, Villas-Boas had gotten out of bed to open a window to cool the room and saw a bright light outside. His brother was asleep and when awakened refused to look. A bit later both brothers were astonished to see the light much closer, shining through the shutters and roof tiles. Then it disappeared.

On the night of October 14 Villas-Boas and his brother were plowing when they saw a brightly lit up object hovering about 300 feet over another end of the field. Villas-Boas tried to approach it but it evaded and eventually disappeared.

The next night Villas-Boas was working alone and after midnight (around 1 am) he saw a red-star like object in the sky. It suddenly accelerated and quickly arrived 160 feet above his head and shone a bright light essentially turning night into day. It was egg-shaped, but somewhat elongated (see details for that and other matters in sworn statement, linked above).

As the craft landed his tractor engine died. He jumped down to escape but was grabbed by a few entities. He resisted but they held firmly and got him inside. (They appeared to be around his height with one, apparently the female involved in this episode, a little shorter.)

He noted that "all five of them wore a very tight-fitting...suit, made of soft, thick, unevenly striped gray material".

The suit covered their hole bodies with the eyes only evident behind round glasses. (The eyes seemed smaller than human--the eyes of the female described later here.) The helmets seemed to cover a larger-than-human cranium. Three tubes went from the helmets and down, blending into the suits. They communicated with each other with what seemed like growling sounds.

Inside the craft (see statement for details) they disrobed him and applied with a sponge-like object a thick and odorless liquid all over his body. In another room they used two rubber-looking pipes to take a blood sample from under his chin.

They then left him alone in this squarish small room for about a half hour. He sat on a bed there as he began smelling what was like "painted cloth burning". This was due to grayish smoke emerging from a tube in the ceiling. He got ill and threw up in a corner.

Shortly after this a naked woman walked into the room.

She had white-blond hair, a broad face with high cheekbones and a very pointed chin. Villas-Boas in his statement further noted that "she had big blue eyes, rather longer than round, for they slanted outward, like those pencil-draen girls made to look like Arabian princesses, that look like they were slit...except that [hers] were natural; there was no make-up".

Villas-Boas reported he became "uncontrollably sexually excited" and they had sex twice. (Again, see details in his statement, link provided above.)

After they had finished one of the other beings, presumably male, came into the room as the female put a semen sample into a container. Just prior to exiting, she turned to him and pointed to her belly and then upwards to the sky (with the hint of a smile on her face).

He was given his clothes and when dressed he was escorted to another room where three other crew members were sitting and communicating.

Villa-Boas at one point is caught attempting to steal a clock-like device and is briefly shoved aside roughly.

It is 5:30 in the morning when Villas-Boas is escorted off the ship. For a month afterwards he has difficulty sleeping and was frequently nauseated.

The concluding case profiled below is very well known. The story in fact will be the subject of a planned documentary to air on Netflix (projected for some time in 2024). This film will be produced by the Higher Grounds Production company owned by Barack and Michelle Obama:

~~The Betty and Barney Hill story, September 1961, New Hampshire.

The above Netflix article sets the stage, describing events prior to the Hills having their memories more fully fleshed out via hypnosis:

"Netflix’s White Mountains is said to be based on the true story of Barney and Betty Hill. The pair were an American couple who claimed they were abducted by aliens in a rural portion of the state of New Hampshire from September 19 to 20, 1961. It was the first widely publicized report of alien abduction in the United States.

The Hills were driving back to Portsmouth from a vacation in Niagara Falls and Montreal. Just south of Lancaster, New Hampshire, Betty claimed to have observed a bright point of light in the sky.

The couple followed the light for quite a bit and had binoculars as well.

After some time they stopped near a field and saw “eight to eleven humanoid figures”, who were peering out of the craft’s windows, seeming to look at him. In unison, all but one figure moved to what appeared to be a panel on the rear wall of the hallway that encircled the front portion of the craft. The one remaining figure continued to look at Barney and communicated a message telling him to “stay where you are and keep looking.”

Barney “tore” the binoculars away from his eyes and ran back to his car. In a near-hysterical state, he told Betty, “They’re going to capture us”!

He saw the object again shift its location to directly above the vehicle. He drove away as fast as he could, telling Betty to look for the object. She rolled down the window and looked up. Almost immediately, the Hills heard a rhythmic series of beeping or buzzing sounds, which they said seemed to bounce off the trunk of their vehicle. The car vibrated and a tingling sensation passed through the Hills’ bodies.

The Hills said that then they experienced the onset of an altered state of consciousness that left their minds dulled. The second series of beeping or buzzing sounds returned the couple to full consciousness. They found that they had traveled nearly 35 miles (56 km) south, but had only vague, spotty memories of this section of road. They recalled making a sudden, sharp unplanned turn, encountering a roadblock, and observing a fiery orb in the road."

UFO historian Jerome Clark starts off a long UFO Encyclopedia article on the "Hill Abduction Case" (volume one, pages 577 thru 592) with this note:

"On September 26, 1961, when a Portsmouth, New Hampshire, woman sat down to compose a letter to a UFO researcher, she could not have known that within a few years she and her husband would become two of the most famous UFO witnesses ever, as close to household names as such people get. Nor could she have suspected that their experience would expose a whole new, heretofore-unsuspected aspect of the UFO phenomenon, with consequences that would be felt for decades afterward. At the time, however, she was simply someone who needed reassurance and further information."

The NICAP organization (which the Hills learned about from books at the library) responded, sending astronomer Walter Webb to begin investigating.

The remembered events were very detailed. (The above summary by the Netflix article provides the barest of details that were consciously known by the Hills at first.) But, Barney was frustrated by a feeling that there were things he didn't remember and Betty was disturbed by vivid dreams of encountering and then interacting with unfamiliar beings.

Investigators soon realized that there had to be missing time experienced by the couple when on the road so eventually hypnosis was considered.

In 1964 the couple began undergoing hypnosis conducted by a Boston psychiatrist.

Both were hypnotized separately and initially were made not to remember what they related. Their accounts were similar: examinations on board the craft that included with Barney an extraction of semen with a suction device and with Betty the extraction of ovum with a long needle inserted into her abdomen.

After a total of 11 hours of taped hypnotic sessions the Hills were given the suggestion to remember. Their details were consistent with each other, as Jerome Clark notes (pg 585, vol 1, 2018 UFO Encyclopedia:

"They agreed that the beings were small, perhaps slightly over five feet tall, and had oddly shaped heads with broad foreheads. Their skin was grayish, and their eyes were large (in Barney's recall large enough to extend to the side of the head)."

Both also noted that the beings communicated with them via telepathy. While Barney was more subdued during this onboard experience, Betty actively interacted with one of the beings.

In 1965 a reporter for the Boston Traveler had been given a tape of Betty speaking to a local UFO group back in 1962 and a front page article was written, shocking and disturbing the Hills. They did decide the following year to agree to cooperate with an author and the best selling The Interrupted Journey was written (and serialized in Look magazine).


The brief summary in this paper does not do justice to describing in depth all the factors and details of this complex story. A good starting point for learning more would be the article on this case in Volume One of the UFO Encyclopedia, 3rd edition, edited by Jerome Clark. Therein is provided a detailed listing of published references and resources.

The same for the Villas-Boas case, the article for that in Volume 2 of that encyclopedia's third edition, dated 2018.

As mentioned at the beginning of this paper, both cases represented a transition of sorts towards a broader understanding of what is happening with some of the beings seemingly active here.

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