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Published First-Hand Accounts, part one: Debra Jordan-Kauble and Steve Aspin

Updated: Apr 7, 2023

by Mike Jamieson

Thomas Bullard, academic examiner of "alien abduction" reports, noted that "a trend for abductees to publish accounts of their own experiences began in the 1990s and surged thereafter". (Volume One of 2017 edition of the UFO Encyclopedia, pg 12.)

This paper begins a series of examinations noting key points from some of these works, here starting with these two:

~~Extraordinary Contact: Life Beyond Debra Jordan-Kauble....2021

~~Out of Time: The Intergenerational Abduction Program Steve Aspin....2022



The story of Debbie's experiences surfaced in 1987 with the publication of a best selling book by NY artist-UFO investigator Budd Hopkins titled "Intruders: The Incredible Visitations at Copleywoods". A wider audience was exposed to her story in 1992 when it was dramatized on a CBS two-part miniseries. In 1994 Debbie wrote her own book, a follow-up titled "Abducted! The Story of the Intruders Continue". This 2021 work is a rewrite of that, plus coverage of further experiences in the subsequent three decades and minus her sisters account in the 1994 book (because today she is very ill or disabled).

From her preface to "Extraordinary Contact" she describes how "my extraordinary contact has continued, and...spilled over into the worlds of the paranormal..." A clinical hypnotherapist, Yvonne Smith, wrote the Forward and observed that "what is clear is that the UFO phenomenon runs a tremendous 180-degree gamut: from being totally physical (landing traces, markings on the body, photographs, radar signatures) to totally paranormal (telepathic communication, craft and beings that dematerialize, abductees that float through walls, missing time). It is this apparent contradiction that we as researchers have the hardest time reconciling. But we must shed light on the seemingly impossible."

Debbie in characterizing her exposure to paranormal happenings over the years mentioned premonitions, synchronicities and also government surveillance. As noted in the paper here describing features that Thomas Bullard (an university academic) identified as associated with abductions (determined from cases in five studies), many abductees experienced noted long term effects including changes in lifestyle, development of psychic sensitivity, experiences with poltergeist activity and experiences or encounters with lurking "men in black".

Budd Hopkin's Introduction to Debbie's 1994 book describes the event triggering an examination:

" At the beginning of Debbie’s June 1983 experience, she and her mother independently reported seeing strange lights on the Davis property. And where Debbie remembered seeing the landed UFO, the ground was affected in peculiar ways: the grass died, and, below, many cubic feet of moist, dark soil was changed into grayish, rocklike material that for years was unable to support vegetation. Extending outward from the roughly eight-foot circle of alters soil—the spot where the craft apparently rested—was a forty-nine-foot straight swatch of similarly damaged earth. This evidence dramatically supports the idea that the object Debbie saw that night left behind clear-cut physical traces and was, therefore, neither a fantasy nor a dream. To support that notion, when the craft apparently lifted off, Debbie’s next door neighbor saw a brilliant flash of light through the trees at the location of these ground traces. Seconds later, as some kind of craft passed noisily overhead, the neighbor’s home suffered a complete power outage. Equally strange, all the lights spontaneously came back on, with no disturbance to either fuses or circuit breakers. This neighbor’s testimony further eliminates any suspicion that the event can be regarded purely as an artifact of Debbie’s mental processes.".

That event rouses strange memories, going back to her childhood. Debbie comes across a book at her local library called Missing Time by Budd Hopkins and finds further stirring of memories, including of experiences of other family members. She writes to Hopkins at the address given in the book and hears back from him, calling her on the phone.

In October, just months after the June event, Hopkins has Debbie travel to NYC to have a psychiatrist hypnotize her. Not many memories are retrieved from those couple of sessions, but more surfaces naturally as she interacts in person in NYC with the phone "buddy" Hopkins had hooked her up with prior to the trip. The buddy is a woman-abductee instructed not to share the details of her own experience so as to not contanimate Debbie's memories. (More memories, many from childhood, and including a clear seeing of two Gray entities in her room in April 1978, were surfacing.)

Hopkins' introduction to Debbie's 1994 book is reprinted in this expanded and updated version. He shares how Debbie came to agree for his book Intruders (which would cover her case to a wide public in 1987) to share an important, even the key, element of her memories. The information she shared was also emerging in other cases Hopkins was hearing and partially emerged via dreams and hypnosis. In Debbie's case she recounted in Chapter 12, "Emily", her involvement in the production of a hybrid ET (of the Gray species)-Human being. The beings have her meet the young being five years after she loses a baby mysteriously. It causes Debbie alot of distress that she's not allowed to keep the young being with her. The medical records related to that documented pregnancy are included in this book.

Budd Hopkins died of cancer in 2011. His viewpoint of what the large-scale Gray project entailed was somewhat negative, expressing concerns similar to those felt by researcher David Jacobs. Debbie, though, seems to have a more positive view (pg 42):

"As the years passed, my experiences have been taken to a different level. The actual physical contact that was happening in the 1980s and 1990s has morphed into something that feels more cerebral, even more spiritual."

Chapters that include documenting all this include chapter 4 "Poltergeists and the Paranormal", chapter 9 "New Abilities", chapter 10 "Changes" and chapter 11 "The Future".

Many abductees report that sometimes they will experience seeing small orbs of light move through their homes. They also sometimes see objects move on their own and electronic devices turn on and off on their own. Debbie describes various poltergeist events in chapter four. These are the the type of incidents I have seen also referenced by two different abductees posting on twitter about family experiences.

In Chapter 9 Debbie describes the development of psychic sensitivity in tandem with her abduction-encounters. She gives very strong examples of that. Her concluding chapters convey a positive outlook of what's going to unfold with our human story and the impact of others, present advanced non human intelligences, moving in our midst.

There was an account that was clearly suggestive of something disturbing happening. She relates how a romantic getaway to a country cabin may have involved her being drugged and examined by men in white lab coats. Other abductees have reported similar fragmented memories like this, indicating a possible covert operation to gather information from abductees.



This book details the reports of a man and his family undergoing paranormal encounters for years. The man doesn't connect those experiences to the UFO phenomenon until he turns 51 in 2007, reaching out for answers from Nick Pope who allegedly and formerly manned the UFO desk at the Ministry of Defense in England where Steve Aspin lives.

Pope sends him to a hypnotherapist. That yields little retrieval of suppressed memories that are associated with brief encounters since childhood with small beings that he learns also are interacting (or were) with his mother, grandmother and great grandmother. Eventually Aspin reaches out to American researchers with primary help in memory retrieval for missing time episodes coming from David Jacobs in Philadelphia.

Aspin's account presents a conclusion mirroring the concerns of long-time UFO researcher, retired in recent years, David Jacobs (a professor of History at Temple University for many years). A retired McGill University professor, Don Donderi (with a doctorate in experimental psychology)

writes the forward and voiced that concern this way: "...The cumulative evidence suggests that we may soon be elbowed aside by extraterrestrials who plan to dominate Earth, managing both the planet and us in their own interest".

The book does include an extensive background education in the features of the abduction phenomenon, including describing the ground-breaking Debbie Jordan-Kauble case noted above. It's interesting that while Aspin had some reactions to the face on the cover of Whitley Strieber's book Communion, in the late 1980s, he didn't clearly entertain that his lifetime of strange encounters and nose bleeds were associated with UFOs. That despite at 16 clearly remembering seeing close up a disc shaped craft at a construction site in July 1972, with 2 hours and 20 minutes of missing time that early Saturday morning.

Aspin's maternal grandmother reassured him at the age of 11 that those she called the 'pixies" always returned him unharmed. Much later Aspin uncovered a memory of interacting at age 10 with a Tall Gray alien, telepathically relating in a "bored" voice his answer to the boys question: "I remember asking with genuine and respectful curiosity why they were repeatedly doing this to me". He is told that their activity and procedures with him are because he's next in line to his mother, grandmother, and great grandmother as a resource to their project.

The project is said to be involving use of human sperm and ovum, a brief implantation in young women for 10 weeks of a developing fetus, removal into artificial tube-womb-containers, birth, and preparation of hybrid beings for integration with us (some assume) and control of earth after a Change.

Aspin reached out to various American researchers and appears to have become friends with David Jacobs, Budd Hopkins in his last couple of years, and very close with Robert Hastings, who he shares a UFO sighting with missing time during a vacation trip with Aspin and Aspin's wife to Normandy in September 2014. So, in addition to providing an in depth picture of commonly described alien activity, Aspin gives a deeply personal view of these key figures in ufological history.

A significant segment of Ufologists have strongly expressed concern over methodologies used by David Jacobs, asserting inappropriate requests were made of a female abductee who, it is alleged, had false memories of hybrid rapes implanted by Jacobs by hypnosis done over long distant phone calls and Skype sessions.

A future First-Hand Account paper will include a summary review of a recent book by that woman formerly working with Jacobs, recounting only memories not retrieved by hypnosis. The works of others will also be included to show the range of perspectives responding to experiences of abduction-encounters.

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