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Biological Impacts From Close Encounters

Updated: Nov 11, 2023

by Mike Jamieson

Sensationalistic news coverage of a science paper by Dr. Christopher “Kit” Green, discussing unintended biological effects from exposure to electromagnetic radiation from unknown advanced technology, has grabbed attention during the spring of 2022. His paper was one of 38 submitted to a Pentagon program examining UFO events experienced by military personnel.

In this article I will share summaries of close encounter cases that are examples of this that have been reported to civilian investigators of UFO encounters. Dr. Green noted in recent interviews that the cases he examined and analyzed were, he believes, a product of human technology.

Nevertheless, a 1996 MUFON compilation of cases involving alleged encounters with non human beings and their technologies was among the 46 identified references for Dr. Green’s paper. There were also other UFO field databases and cases referenced along with cases noted as coming from Dr. Green’s own unpublished medical files and other files protected by HIPPA confidentiality rules. The foundational database for Dr Green’s 27 paged paper (“Anomalous Acute and Subacute Field Effects on Human Biological Tissues”) was identified as 42 peer-reviewed cases published in recognized academic journals and 300 cases of unpublished reports of people experiencing effects from exposure to high energy fields.

Dr. Green has opined in interviews with the English paper the Daily Mail and American blogger Jack Brewer that he felt his paper related to the effects from technology created and applied by humans, yet the wording in his paper appears to leave the door open to other originators: “This paper relates, summarizes, and analyzes evidence of unintended injury to human observers by anomalous advanced aerospace systems.” It was noted that further examination of this technology could give us glimpses of “certain physical characteristics of possible future advanced aerospace systems from unknown provenance”.

Here is a description of the evidence examined:

I will note some key points now from that 1996 MUFON document, authored by former MUFON Director John Schuessler, and then share a small sample of relevant cases from the body of work by Coral Lorenzen from an earlier time and some cases gathered in more recent years by Ardy Clarke.

In the early 1990s the MUFON leader John Schuessler realized that no compilation of “information related to human physiological effects in UFO cases” existed. He also observed that in general doctors would likely not be told of such a causative factor by those suffering from this type of unconventional exposure. In 1991 MUFON formed a Medical Committee to draw in researchers, practitioners, and experts from a variety of medical and health professions to set up protocols for addressing cases, collecting and analyzing data, handle medical evidence for MUFON, and exchanging information.

For the next few years Schuessler compiled 400 reported cases involving biological effects from UFO encounters. In 1996 he published a 107 page volume, “UFO-related Human Physiological Effects”.

Four categories of injuries were discerned as Schuessler compiled cases he found from newspapers, magazines, UFO journals and bulletins, and UFO studies by specific individuals and groups. Of the latter, Schuessler found that the work of a retired cop, Ted Phillips’ who examined and documented 4000 landing trace cases, provided examples of people experiencing biological effects. Also, the same was true for the compilation work of Mark Rodeghier (for the Center for UFO Studies) that focused on vehicle interference cases.

The first category of cases involved temporary effects, “dealing with paralysis, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, headache, tingling sensations, electrical shocks, feeling of heat, temporary blindness, mild burns, perceptions of odors and perception of sounds”.

The second category covers long term effects from exposure like skin lesions, anemia and cancer. The third category added sensationalistic flavor to some of the news coverage on this as it deals with, first, female abductees and the “missing fetus syndrome”. It also deals with the generally applied matter of implants. The final çategory of effects involve psychological and paranormal signs being experienced.

Most recently, in an effort called UAP Med spearheaded by Ted Roe, a coalition to address medical and psych impacts from UAP exposure is taking shape:

The following case samples show the concise format used by Schuessler in his compilation. (The last case on this page is the last one I used as an example from Coral Lorenzen’s 1976 book Encounters with UFO Occupants):

Some habitual debunkers highlighted the fact that the tabloid National Enquirer and the Australian Penthouse were identified as publishing source for some of the cases chosen by Schuessler.

~~Published by Coral Lorenzen, 1976

Brazil, 1967….a tenant farmer and his wife (Inacio and Maria de Souza) had arrived in the late afternoon at their home from an outing when “they immediately saw a ‘strange, basin-shaped object’ of approximately 115 feet in width resting on the [wealthy owner’s airstrip]”. They saw between the craft and them three beings, to Inacio eyes’ appearing naked and hairless, to Maria, it seemed like they “were dressed in tight-fitting yellow jersey suits”.Their behavior was described as “playing about like children”. The beings noticed the couple and began running towards them. Unfortunately, after Inacio had Maria go into the house, he began to fire at them with his rifle. As he started doing so, the craft suddenly emitted “a jet of green-colored light” which struck Inacio “full in the chest, knocking him to the ground”. Maria rushed to his aid as the three beings were rushing back to their craft, which“lifted straight up off the ground making a sound like the swarming of bees and was shortly lost to sight”. The owner of the land arrived by plane 3 days later and found Inacio very ill and thus took him to the doctor. There were burns on his torso and blood work revealed “malignant alterations in the blood”. Ignacio died two months later with everyone suspecting radiation poisoning.

Brazil, 1963……truck driver Eugenio Douglas drove into a roadside ditch after being blinded by a light. He climbed out of his truck to see a 30 foot oval object blocking the road. He reported seeing 3 huge (14 to 16 feet, he estimated) beings wearing snug outfits and helmets with snailhorn-like antenna. Douglas called these beings “robots”. He fired at them, prompting them to return to the craft. The craft pursued him briefly, firing some ray at him that caused a burning and prickling sensation with the heat he felt when he first was blinded by the light. Next day, investigators reportedly found 18 inch footprints {“despite heavy rainfall”} and that the wiring in his truck had been fried.

Argentina, 1958….A motorist, Remo Dall’s Armellina, traveling pre dawn saw a “brilliance” behind a hill on the road ahead. It was not the expected approaching car but a “strange individual…taller than normal [and] wearing strange clothing”. The light came from what appeared to be small metallic like balls covering him head to toe. The motorist stopped after seeing this being raise its arm to signal. And, then he got out of his car with a crowbar and was quickly stopped when the emitted white light changed to a rose color. He felt dizzy as if under the influence of a narcotic. He fell to the ground, and lost consciousness. Awakening later, he was alone and went to the police station where doctors found him still in a nervous condition.

France, 1954….a widely publicized case after an upset Marius Dewilde brought to the attention of the police his encounter at the back of his home, adjacent to a railway for National Coal Mines in a setting of woods and fields.

Investigators found puzzling landing traces on the tracks and nearby residents reported a reddish glowing object in the area during the time of Dewilde’s encounter.

Dewilde was up reading late at night after his wife and children had retired when he went out back to see what his dog was barking at. He saw a dark mass on the nearby tracks and then even closer 2 three and a half feet tall beings wearing large helmets for oversized heads and small legs, walking towards the object on the tracks. As he started towards the beings, “he was blinded by a very powerful light somewhat like a magnesium flare which came from a square opening in the dark mass on the tracks”. He couldn’t move or scream until the light went out and the beings had reentered the craft and took off.

~~Published by Ardy Sixkiller Clarke 2012-2019

Witnesses: This case has three witnesses, independently relating their experience and without having had contact amongst themselves for decades.

The first person is “Arlan” who Clarke had already known very closely for 15 years when he related his story. She first met him when she was one of three finalists for a teaching position and Arlan was on the interview committee representing Montana tribal groups. (He worked often with the Governor’s Amerindian tribal liason.). He shared his story after seeing the famed “I Believe” X-Files poster in her university office. Arlan was part of a 3 man team guarding the entrance area of an Air Force Base during a late night alert.

Arlan later found and gave to Ardy the addresses of the other 2 men that were at least valid when they knew each other at this time (at around 18 years old).

Clarke found “Max” via his daughter who lived at the given address Max abandoned long ago for the life of a recluse in a trailer on 20 isolated acres in another state.

“Hank” was met and interviewed at his office in a reservation community center.

Entity Description: Shadowy movements were observed through narrow windows.

Craft Description: Disk-shaped or round. Max described as 50 or 60 feet around and 25 to 35 feet tall and Hank estimated 50 feet around and 40 feet tall. Hovered silently 20 to 30 minutes during last incursion and shot straight up. Emitted a beam immobilizing one airman charging forward and aiming gun (one witness saying he waved his gun, another said he aimed it, possibly firing, and another said gun was fired).

Activity Observed/Experienced: An Air Force Base went on alert after a radar reading of an unknown craft. Jets were scrambled and then returned after a pursuit. The base remained on alert with armed airmen stationed around the perimeter. The 3 witnesses were among those and at 2am the craft appeared and hovered over the base for around 30 minutes.

Arlan: “One foolish airman broke rank and ran in the direction of the craft, shouting and waving his rifle in the air. A beam of light shot out of the craft. He was frozen on the spot. When the light retracted, he fell on his face. A few seconds later, the craft flew away. Two hours later, we were called together and told it was a test and ordered not to talk about the event.”

Max: “The craft came out of nowhere. Not a sound….We didn’t know what to do…Our commanding officer told us not to fire….This one guy, I don’t know if he lost his mind or what, went running toward the craft shooting.

A light came out of the craft and he was stopped in his tracks for just a moment as though he was paralyzed, and then he dropped to the ground unconscious. A few minutes later, the craft moved silently upward….”. Max states the C.O. told them the craft was experimental and this was a test of their reactions.

Hank: “The craft hovered inside the base [noting earlier 50 feet beyond base entrance] about 20 minutes, when all of a sudden one guy broke rank and ran toward the craft. He almost got underneath it before a bright light—like a beam–hit him……Two medics rushed forward with a stretcher and hauled him off. As I watched them, the craft moved. It shot straight upward. Within a second or two it was gone…”

All involved were reassigned and separately relocated shortly afterwards.


This was shared by a bright young woman whose father has Ardy meet with to encourage her return to college. She works an ordinary job and shares with Ardy the reason why she feels pursuing the path of an engineer no longer mattered.

The woman shares her story accompanied by a cousin (in college studying chemistry) who was part of the incident. The conversation (like all interviews by Ardy,tape recorded) starts by the woman noting she heard Ardy collected encounter stories and she proceeds to relate what happened to her and 3 cousins when they went camping “last August” before school’s start:

“About a mile up the canyon, that’s where we saw it, Jennifer said. It was a huge circular object with red and white throbbing lights at the bottom that lit the canyon wall. I can’t forget the lights. They gave a reddish glow to everything.

Yeah, added Rosebud, it was the reddest red I’ve ever seen. Almost like a bright red burgundy……

….We just froze in our tracks when we saw it, said Rosebud. The horses spooked and balked. We dismounted. We were afraid of being seen. Terrence insisted we just leave and go back to Grandma’s and forget the whole thing.”

Jennifer, though, is curious and they move closer:

“As Tererence steered Rosebud closer to the canyon wall, Jeff walked out in full view of the craft. I started to follow him and that’s when it happened. He disappeared. He was gone in an instant.”

They quietly wait two hours for Jeff, hidden in the shadows of the canyon walls. Eventually they see him walking “out of the bright light like nothing had happened”. The craft slowly ascends, clears the canyon walls and rapidly departs.

Jeff remembers nothing. His body has become disturbingly reddened and he feels very sick. The doctors at the clinic diagnose a bad sunburn and keep Jeff at the clinic for a few days.


Witness: “Maria”, a Yucatec Maya age 31 and married mother of 6 girls.

Entity Description: Six three foot tall humanoids with large heads “too big for their bodies”. Described as wearing “glowing uniforms”.

Craft Description:. A first initial sighting, prior to later entity sighting, of a “fast and fleeting” metal object. Soon after entity sighting, a large round metal object seen close up with a strange smell detected and a mist felt.

Activity Description: Maria was walking some distance to collect wood when she saw “in a clump of trees” six small beings “standing around this round ball of light”. She described the light as bluish white and very bright. She also reported that the six had

linked their arms and were standing very still.

Remebering a sighting of a fast and fleeting object in the sky earlier in the evening, she becomes anxious after spending some time watching them, out of sight. She runs to the highway and catches a ride from a neighbor in his truck, climbing into the open bed of it in the back. Even though it was a warm night, she felt cold and was shivering.

As he’s driving along, she sees a large round craft emerging from the stand of trees where she had been. She becomes frightened, and more distressed when her neighbor stops by the side of the road as the craft comes hovering close above the truck. While he’s excited, climbing into the back of the truck to wave at it, she smells something strange and feels a mist. Then the craft leaves quickly in an upward fashion.

“The next day I was sick and stayed in bed. For a long time I was weak. I am stronger now.”. She tells Ardy that she had trouble breathing for awhile and felt weakness in her bones.

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