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Profile of Some Cases From Ardy Clarke's Third Book

Updated: Jan 5

By Mike Jamieson

Some case profiles from Ardy Clarke's first book of encounter reports:

Some case profiles from her second book:

The third book is based on cases shared by “urban” Indians, those not living on reservations (which is about 78% of the 5 million in the U.S.). In the 1950s and into the 1970s, government policy during this time tried to terminate reservations and many relocated off the reservations.

In her introduction to her 3rd book, Ardy noted:. “Unlike those who lived on the reservation, there was a greater concern about the intention of the extraterrestrials. Another difference that occurred included more detailed communication about their purposes, their planets, and life in the universe. There were also more descriptions of different types of aliens. These issues may be the result of the increased educational level of the participants and their need to question and collect information to explain their experience.”

She also addresses another factor which was not much of an issue in her first two works, due to the cultural milieu of the reporters of encounters in those books:. “When I questioned them about the possibility of the influence of media on their experiences, the majority regarded the question as absurd…..”

~~~Chapter Two


A New Mexico auto mechanic and owner of shop who repaired the fan belt in Ardy's car. Story related over breakfast in diner after the mechanic recognizes her face and name from having read one of her books. He obtained no photos of incident, having only a cheap flip phone with only phone service.

Craft Description:

A massive craft first observed, blocking out stars. Balls of light emerge from it (around a dozen) and spread out over the land. The large craft then tilted, ascended, and rapidly departs straight up. The next day he sees two circular craft landed on the ground, estimated circumference 40 feet, to be 20 feet high, and resting atop 3 legs. Color a dull silver.

Entity Description:

Two types seen. Nineteen altogether seen at two neighboring sites (one likely an abandoned copper mines). Eight of the beings were 4 feet or less tall and were described as "little bug-eyed ones". The others were 5 feet 8 inches to 5 feet 10 inches tall with tight silver suit covering whole body and eyes covered in dark goggles. The suits were flexible. No breathing apparatus on either type of beings.

Activity Description:

The witness went camping where he and his late wife would do so frequently. He planned to travel to an event elsewhere (later aborted so he could fully witness unfolding events).

The witness tells Ardy one scene was likely abandoned an copper mine and that there were rumors of "precious metals used in modern technology". Beings were also at another nearby spot where drilling into the ground at varying depths was done. The drilling tool came out of the side of the craft.

The small beings seemed tasked with going into the mine and bringing out samples to a conveyer belt. Where the drilling was done, they sorted through samples and selected from that for the taller beings.

After a long stretch they left and the witness examined the site, finding that it seemed undisturbed with no signs of the observed activity.

~~~Chapter Three


A public school counselor known by Clarke for some time. Knowing she collected stories, he shared his.

Craft Description:

First observed as a "ball of light" that got bigger on approach, hovering above witness who next remembered suddenly being on-board. "I was in a huge circular area, like an arena. It had a solid dome ceiling. No windows. There was nothing in the room. No chairs, nothing. Just dozens and dozens of children....There was a strange smell in the room, like medicine...."

Entity Description:

Apparently similar to humans in appearance (no elaboration on facial features) except they were very tall, very white, with unusually long fingers.

Activity Description:

As a child, the witness would sometimes take his sleeping bag outside onto the roof on hot nights. One very hot night he took off his outer clothes, keeping under wear on, when he saw an out-of-place bright ball that changed colors from white to blue. It got bigger on approach, circled over head and then hovered above him.

The next thing he remembers is being on-board with a large number of other children. Most seem to be in a trance, except for some other boys who ask the witness where his pants were. He saw many other children of varying races.

"Soon, these strange tall men came in and paired us up. I was paired up with a dark-skinned girl with long, black, curly hair, who held my hand but never spoke...."

The beings told them not to be afraid, that the children were helping them out. "They took us into a small cubicle and attached us to a small machine. They had a hand-held machine that struck out arm. It removed blood...."

While on board, he took notice of one girl in particular. "I saw her the first time I was on the spaceship. She was standing by herself, away from the group. She wore a lavender flowered dress with a sash in the back....". The girl was blond and tall, with a noticeable gap in her teeth.

He thought at that time he would marry her. When he was in high school, several years later, he met her at an out-of-state powwow. (In Denver...he went from Montana.). He asked her to dance and a relationship developed. They eventually married.

He eventually tells her about his early childhood memory of her, but she's skeptical....until he mentions the dress. "....When I described the dress she was wearing, she went to a cedar chest in the hall and pulled out the dress I described. It was a dress given to her by her father when she was ten years old. She fell asleep in it that night and I believe that's the night I saw her on the UFO. Her father died shortly after that. She wore the dress twice. The first time was the night of her birthday party; the second time to her father's funeral..."

These beings examine him still "at least once a year". His wife has no such memories, including of the night the witness first saw her.

He learned over time that their purpose is to monitor and track our development. "They keep exact notes on every form of evolution on the planet. Even plants and animals. They say humans are getting bigger, not better."

He apparently was told that humanoid beings elsewhere were, on the other hand, getting better with advances in intellect and lifespan.

He describes the beings as "respectful" and asking for permission when taking samples or staging experiments. ("Mostly mental. Puzzle solving experiments. Timing experiments.")

~~~Chapter Four


A man and his uncle. The man's deceased father was a primary witness.

Craft Description:

Shaped like a football with dome on top.

Entity Description:

Four feet tall, extremely thin. Six fingered, bald. Light colored jumpsuit, scullcap.

Activity Description:

The scene is a southwestern reservation and a site where the cause of a power outage happened. A man working for the tribal power company and his brother are sent to determine the cause and find that power lines had been sliced by a football shaped craft, resting at the end of a trench it made 300 feet from the power pole. Three dead beings are observed.

They make a call to the dispatcher and are told the army was on its way. The electrician sends his brother home so as to not get in trouble. The unit is on scene within two hours of the outage. The electrician is detained while the site is cleaned up, and craft and bodies removed. Extreme security is executed with a cover story of a poison leak from a truck that supposedly downed the power lines.

The Army sees that the electrician didn't have a vehicle and realizes someone must have driven him to the site. They go to his family's house (he was staying with his brother and family) and threaten all of them that if they talked they would be killed.

~~~Chapter Five


In 2013 Clarke drive to Oklahoma to visit a cousin who was a nurse at a hospital. Clarke meets her there, introducing her to the staff. An ER doctor recognizes the name and asks if she authored a book on encounters (he had gotten her first book, out in 2012). The doctor, to the dislike of his wife, had developed a big library of UFO books after an encounter experience (not told to his wife). The doctor shares his story with Clarke in the hospital cafeteria.

Craft Description:


Entity Description:

First seen as a deer, but actually a "tall, slender man, dressed in a one piece suit complete with head covering".

Activity Description:

I had to watch video of the shapeshifting Mimic Octopus a bit to crank open the door of my mind to even consider this case as possible, let alone sharing a summary profile of it in this paper.

The doctor responds to Ardy at the start of his sharing his story: "I know it sounds ridiculous, but I swear to God, it's the truth."

The doctor was driving home one night when he hit a deer that came out of nowhere. He stopped to check it. As he got to the front, the deer stood up and transformed into a standing humanoid person.

The doctor said he conversed with this being at the side of the road. He wanted to physically exam him but the being said he was already healing. "He said that they had perfected the means of healing with the mind. He said that one day humans would be able to do the same. He said there are a few healers on our planet, but most of them are scorned by the medical profession."

In the course of the conversation with this being, he was told some interesting key points that included assertions potentially answering some questions many have, even of the Mantis-Grey abduction program: "He said that there are several thousand intelligent life forms and they do not like the attention that human abduction has brought to the existence of space travelers."

He further noted that most also don't interfere with our affairs, "despite some of the paths taken by world leaders".

His own task here was to collect animal specimens to seed developing and uninhabited planets with suitable conditions.

~~~Chapter Fifteen


An elderly ranch owner in his sixties, introduced by his younger brother who knew Clarke for ten years. And, their Dad, in his 90s.

Craft Description:

Appears as bright star in distance. Space in walls to store water for multiple purposes, ranging to cloaking, insulation, consumption, movement, etc. No elaborate details of exterior or interior given.

Entity Description:

Similiar to humans in appearance but arms and fingers longer, skulls longer, faces 2 to 3 inches longer, variation in skin and hair color but with facial features everyone looks comparatively similar. Generally telepathic. Eat plant based food, processed it looks like baby food. "They carry no weapons. They have no formal religion."

Activity Description:

This is a ranching family that for a few known generations has hosted an ET group in providing a safe space for obtaining water and doing craft maintenance.

A young family member has already been introduced to the beings and his future role as host.

There are reportedly other families also serving as "protectors".

~~~Chapter Seventeen


A young woman who had been living in a small Montana town for seven years when interviewed by Clarke. She worked as an English high school teacher.

Craft Description:

First seen as a bright sphere over the highway.

When landed on the highway, "it was no longer a huge body of light but a circular object" [with] "a small, domelike rise on the top. It spanned both lanes of the highway."

Entity Description:

The Mantis and Grays. Completely telepathic.

Activity Description:

The witness was first abducted at night from her car by two beings she saw as two 8 foot tall humanoids, who later she comes to believe were illusory representations of the Mantis-type beings she saw associated with the widely familiar Grays. She reported that they are adept at instilling images. (Ardy raised the issue of cultural influences after the witness admitted reading John Mack, Budd Hopkins and Whitley Strieber following her first experience.)

The witness has a negative interpretation of the work of this group of beings and claims that she's able to closely observe them on the average of four abductions per year when they take her as she's driving on lonely roads at night (never from her house, like happens to so many others).

Despite experiencing medical exams and tests, she noted that she wasn't part of the hybrid-creating activity that she was able to observe and study while on board. She believes that she has fooled the beings into believing she is under their control. She feels that since the beings communicate via telepathy that her talking and singing confuse them and keep them from detecting her agenda of closely studying their every move. Otherwise she would act as a zombie, which is how most humans that she saw on board appeared.

She reports that their purpose in taking her was to study the aging process. "They were very interested in how the human body aged, so their experiments on me included taking body samples, hair swabs, and their infernal machine that examined my internal organs."

She saw many abductees. "There was a holding area where individuals were taken into separate rooms. There was a huge laboratory where several tests were conducted simultaneously. Each abductee had his or her own set of attendants who were performing tests. I never discovered the purpose of many of their tests. Human reproduction was certainly one. Removal of bodily fluids was another. Aging process was another. Another was intelligence."

She saw a suction-like device used on men to induce ejaculations. She reported also that some women appear to be onboard permanently, or at least for long periods: "They become an incubator for hybrid babies, giving birth to several. I have also seen women who are mechanically impregnated and returned to Earth only to be captured again and the fetus removed.."

She explained that "they create a hybrid species for a seeding of other planets. They also create clones. The hybrids and clones are used for seeding. Some of the clones are placed on Earth to interact with the human population. They also use adrenal glands from humans, but I've yet to discover their use...."

Ardy tells her another witness "mentioned adrenal functioning to me. He said it was for longevity experiments.". I didn't mention this tidbit in the Chapter Five case summary above, but the ER doctor from Oklahoma said he learned that the Grey's were doing that from the entity he conversed with.

~~~Chapter Eighteen


Teacher in small Alaskan community. Ardy Clarke had served as his Chair for his Master's degree program at Montana State University. The witness was one of her oldest students, having worked 20 years already on the rodeo circuit. He WAS very skeptical re UFOs prior to his encounter.

Craft Description:

Huge, cylindrical object. Silent.

Entity Description:

Nearly 8 feet tall. Skin spongy. Humanoid shape. Huge round eyes. No hair on head. No ears. Had mouths without lips. "They had these strange openings on their necks. It reminded me of a fish gill."

Activity Description:

Witness goes on an exploratory road trip in Alaska with his trailer. One night he's parked by a lake. Soon after putting out his campfire and retiring to bed inside his trailer, he sees that "a brilliant white light engulfed the whole trailer".

He goes out and runs into a small cluster of trees and watches the above described craft siphon up water. When finished, it projects a search light which soon comes to rest on him. It's not long before one of the beings approach him and requests that the witness comes with him.

The witness feels both calm and curious and goes willingly. He doesn't understand how he got onboard their craft. "One moment I was on terra firma, and the next moment I'm aboard their ship."

He remembers very little communication as they remained silent. When he asks where they're from, one being just points upwards.

He found himself back outside by his trailer at 6 am and without any other memories of the apparent five hours aboard the craft. He did find a large red bump on the upper portion of an arm (which subsides soon after).

~~~Chapter Twenty


A 28 year old woman approaches Ardy, who was visiting her Aunt. The woman says she learned from Ardy's Aunt that Ardy had published a book on UFO encounters and she needs to talk to her, due to a recent incident and the urgent question it raised. She's worried about her identity being exposed if her case is written about later, so Clarke explains that she "never uses names with the tape. I use a code to match the tape with my notes. I destroy them once I write the story, and I always disguise the location".

Craft Description:

No precise details given.

Entity Description:

The abductors: "They were short. They had big heads and big eyes and the color of their skin was a grayish-white."

The 2 year old hybrid boy was said to be smaller than a human toddler. Dark but very thin hair. "He had the biggest, roundest eyes I have ever seen."

Activity Description:

When the witness was 17, she and her two sisters went to an out of town event and drove a normally three hour trip back home. All three were abducted from the road but only the witness was worked on aboard the craft, the other two apparently remaining comatose in the corner of the craft. The witness attributes that to the ability of the entities to affect and control people.

She found herself immobilized (without external restraints) on a table and then losing consciousness until later finding herself and sisters back in their car. She mentioned the space onboard the craft was hot and that she fell asleep there when "a metal device was placed over her head".

She didn't clearly see the beings in this episode. They appeared shadowy.

Eleven years later, just a few months before approaching Ardy, she was walking home at night when she saw lights in the woods across from her home. Thinking someone might be in trouble, she checked that out.

She saw "a strange craft hovering about twenty feet off the ground". She started running but was captured by the beings (described above) and taken onboard.

They took her down a corridor and outside a room where through a window she saw the young hybrid boy described above. She was told that he was one of seven of her offspring. They told her they had harvested eggs from her during the prior encounter. The boy only briefly directly looked at her once, not smiling in response to her smile. She was told that concerns over virus infection prevented them from allowing direct contact.

She felt a mix of emotions, including frustration. The beings told her there would be further contacts with her offspring at a later point.

~~~Chapter Twenty-Three


Two young men who met on an Alaskan tour boat (both war vets from Afghanistan) who became friends and established a wilderness homestead and worked as trappers. One man a white and red-bearded native of Oregon, the other a native Alaskan Aleut. They meet Ardy through a mutual friend.

Craft Description:

Large and circular, size of football field.

Entity Description:


Activity Description:

The two trappers were out on their snowmobiles checking their trap lines when both their vehicles suddenly lost power. It's late so and they're miles from home so they set up camp in the subfreezing temperature.

After they had started settling in, they both hear a humming/throbbing sound. A minute later their dark setting is suddenly illuminated by a bright light. It hovers very close. "Neither of us moved. The whole air seemed electrified. A strange, unfamiliar odor filled the air..."

"Suddenly these strange balls of lights started floating around the night air.". The balls of light emitted a light beam on occasion which would be "followed by sharp laser-like spikes of bright blue light".

They next hear a thrashing sound coming through the trees. Around 15 moose are running into a clearing, a surprise to the men who note moose are solitary animals not normally in herds. A "beam of light fell on the last one, a beautiful bull. And whoosh. It was gone."

As the light withdrew, they heard the throbbing, humming sound again and saw the huge circular craft move west and then "in a blink of the eye it was gone".

The next morning their snowmobiles started up okay, so apparently they were affected by the craft appearing in their area.


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