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LINKS: Discovered Exoplanets

Updated: 2 days ago

~~~NASA has this page briefly profiling some of the discovered planets beyond our solar system. As of Dec 30 2022, there are 5,235 Exoplanets detected:

~~~The detection of Exoplanets has been done by discerning them transiting in front of stars from our position. There is a dip in light seen as it transits. So far, direct images have been very rare:

~~~The James Webb Space Telescope has detected it's first exoplanet and atmosphere spectrum analysis of elements expected this summer (likely no life despite size of earth, is several hundred degrees warmer, a factor already discerned):


~~~Largest batch of planets found in habitable zone, around Trappist-1:

~~~Innermost planet's atmosphere (or lack thereof) in Trappist-1 system (40 light years away) is read. The three rocky planets (out of 7) in habitable zone not yet read:


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