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March 24 2023

I finished Whitley Strieber's new book THEM and had a question regarding his point therein that the large scale Gray abduction project ended. He didn't have details showing the basis for asserting that so I asked him to expand on that. He did so, quickly:

"There isn’t any statistical information on the subject at all that speaks to the rate of abductions. However, over the past 10 years, we have received fewer and fewer reports of this phenomenon. The last report of a recent abduction that we received was in 2021. There are still many cases where witnesses who were originally abductees are in contact. I am myself such a witness. But as to classic abductions, they have become very rarely reported, and I don’t think one or two occasional reports is an indication that therefore the whole program is still active.


MARCH 24, 2023"

I will be writing a "review" of that book soon.

Manuel Lamiroy, editor of JAR Magazine (see LINK paper here), disagrees, posting this in response on twitter:

"Nope... We explicitly looked into that for JAR Magazine. The number of incidents remains steady. The only thing that changed is that it becomes more generational. So instead of one individual, e.g., 4 times a year, it becomes that individual twice and their offspring twice."

I checked Thomas Bullard's Abduction Phenomenon article in the UFO Encyclopedia for info and insight and found two relevant points:

"The MUFON report database continues to add cases identified as U.S. abductions: 73 for 2014, 83 for 2015, and 56 for 2016. These numbers include both recent and years-old encounters, but comprise a tiny fraction of total UFO reports for these years.....[but are] sufficient numbers to indicate that abductions remain ongoing up to the present."

Whitley's impression may possibly be based on this point:

"In some sense the classic abduction story is out of date...[because] new episodes, variety, and direction have remodeled the story until abduction is no longer the straight forward process with occasional extras that characterized the past."

April 1 2023

The documentary Ariel Phenomenon has been shown in more and more theaters in major cities. These are special event showings with panel discussions and q and a afterwards. The documentary is available also on other online streaming platforms and directly. Here's the tweet today detailing an upcoming showing at a Washington D.C. theater:

The following stats were posted on twitter:

Mufon reports for March 2023…

-28 Landings, Hovering, or Takeoffs

-39 Entities observed

-41 abduction (ERT) cases

- 771 Sighting Reports world wide this month.

April 25 2023

A subcommittee of the Senate Armed Services Committee, "Emerging Threats and Capabilities", held first a closed and then an open hearing on April 19. The director of the All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office, Dr. Sean Kirkpatrick, was the sole witness. The junior Senator from New York, Kirsten Gillibrand, chaired. Various interested parties are continuing to analyze the information emerging from this event. Insofar as the the issue or subject of this website, no referencing at all to the type of experiences and events documented here was made. Sightings of craft events remain the sole focus of AARO and Congressional interest. Everyone is still ignoring the question of "UFO occupants" except perhaps for recent speculation by Dr. Kirkpatrick and Harvard's Avi Loeb in a paper where they imagined prospects of an alien mothership in our solar system deploying AI drones to spy on humans and planetary developments.

May 16 2023

The Scientific Coalition for UAP Studies will be meeting soon with apparently analysis of a film of a massive object traveling 20,000 mph on it's agenda.

Below is an excerpt (table of contents, conclusion pages) of a 2008 report addressing sightings and radar reports of a large and high-speed craft detected in January 2008 near Stephenville Texas:

In the domain known as #ufotwitter there are continuing reports of soon-to-be-revealed reports from witnesses and participants in classified special access programs (testimony to Congress and AARO enabled by NDAA for 2023 budget (people freed of NDAs to do so).

Someone reportedly part of this slow-release disclosure project allegedly states that the aspect of "alien abduction" encounters will be ignored or not acknowledged:

May 17 2023

Yesterday on #ufotwitter there was posted an excerpt from a video interview with CE4 Experiencer Jay Christopher King, linked above at the end of the May 16th journal entry.

Since I had already decided to direct the attention of journalists to well-vetted databases for reports of close encounters of the third and fourth kind, today I felt it might be useful to provide a "setting" in the form of a potential unincorporated association to have others help with that in a growing campaign to educate and inform news media about existing information resources related to reports of encounters with non-human intelligences associated with observed advanced technologies. To that end, I will set up an article at this site that shares suggested forms of action for those wanting to help, likely "targeting" media in their own region. I am calling this unincorporated association Operation Face To Face.

June 2 2023

From a MUFON stat page, reposted on twittwitter:

Mufon Reports in the month of May 2023 there were:

18 Landings, Hovering, or Takeoffs reported

36 Entities observed

24 abduction (ERT) cases

623 Sighting Reports worldwide for the month


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