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Summary Profile of Some Cases from Dr. Ardy Sixkiller Clarke's Last (4th) Book on Close Encounters

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Space Age Indians


Anomalist Books

This fourth and last book is based on accounts "from individuals who had grown up during the age of space exploration" [which she defined as spanning from the launch of Sputnik in 1957 to the first manned-landing on the moon in 1969]. She states that she "wanted to learn if their perceptions were different from those of their elders" and "to determine if the Cold War, the space race, or pop culture had affected their recollection of encounters. So I limited my recollection of stories to individuals in their teens to early seventies, who had lived in the space age. All of the interviewees were users of computers, the internet, or social media".

She organized the chapters by presenting cases in three sections. The first section covered a group of extraterrestrials she calls "the blue men". The second section covered

reported encounters with "insectoid" and "reptilian" beings. The third section covered an assortment of different types of beings and the exhibition of paranormal capacities and healing of humans.

Describing and sharing what she says are "sometimes bizarre accounts", Dr. Clarke noted that "often the most important things I found were revealed unexpectedly, though they weren't always obvious. Anthropologists described this sort of insight as 'limbic' space where you free yourself to accept a new vision of life and reality different from what you expect". She references "the extraordinary variety of visitations" and by doing this [we] are able to understand the depth of encounters."

She encouraged "retelling these encounters" making them "a part of the communal knowledge of ufology".

Section One

There are 15 accounts in this section regarding alleged "blue men", beings who Clarke notes that are not often discussed in UFO literature.

Dr. Clarke in her introduction to this section references one well-publicized type of blue-skinned being that's different than what's described in the accounts in this section, a being reported by author Whitley Strieber. Strieber described these beings as associates of the familiar Greys and had "wide faces, either dark grey or dark blue...with glittering deep-set eyes, pug noses and broad somewhat human mouths".

She also notes a variety of Hopi, Apache and Cherokee lore related to blue-skinned beings, some apparently native to earth but living deep underground.

But the blue men described in these fifteen accounts are shared mostly by American Indian veterans of different generations and involving different war theaters. The beings were described similarly, all of them having "demonstrated benevolent actions" that were extraordinary and outright miraculous. These beings seemed to focus on monitoring war zones and other dangerous circumstances.

Section One, Chapter Two

Witnesses: Clarke had an unplanned meet up with an old friend, "Ira", who she had met decades ago on a Hawaiian beach when she was a housekeeper for a hotel while on summer break for college. She was now in Hawaii on business "to connect with some colleagues involved in the Native Hawaiian Charter School movement." She learned that her old friend was in a veteran's hospital, dying, and there she saw him with six other Vietnam vets who had served in the same squad as Ira.

As the group of seven men drank whiskey in the hospital room, "the conversation turned to the books [Clarke] wrote" and "Chester [who had been their squad leader] asked Ira if he had shared with [Clarke] the story of their encounter in Vietnam". [No.] As Ira and Chester related the story, some of the others added detail.

Craft description: "A huge blue ball hung in the sky about three times the size of the full moon. It was slowly making its way across the sky...until it rested on the hill across from the V.C. camp".

Entity description: Estimated 9 feet tall, human-like and muscular form "but encased in this shimmering blue light." Facial features were difficult to make outt "since the shining light that surrounded him morphed his face".

Activity description: The seven-man squad were on a mission to check reported activity. Ira would scout ahead of the squad and periodically return to report on conditions ahead. Ira returned to report a group of Viet Cong were on a nearby hill and that he had sighted a huge spherical, and blue-glowing, UFO that landed on a hill opposite the Viet Cong camp.

The squad moves ahead and comes to a viewing of the situation, witnessing the VC fire on (with machine guns and artillery) three flickering blue-lighted figures moving upright and methodically in the valley below them. As the flickering blue images appeared to ignore the assault on them, there was "finally a beam of light [that] landed squarely in the middle of the enemy. There was a lightening flash and a thunderous boom and we never heard a weapon again".

The blue figures are noticed next to be coming in the direction of the squad and two are encountered. The squad members lower their weapons, the beings lower their arm, and they all briefly and quietly stare at each other before the blue beings move on without further incident.

When daylight arrives, the squad went to check on the VC encampment. "The strangest thing about the whole site was there were no bodies. The weapons were there, some melted, others hanging from trees as though flung into the sky. Clustered around the machine fun post were three circles of darkened earth. As we moved around, we found seven more. It was like the enemy soldiers had evaporated and all that was left was discolored circles".

The squad members tell Ardy that they know of several others from other units who had also encountered the blue men and their stories are shared in subsequent chapters.

Section One, Chapters Three, Four, Six, Seven and Eight

These chapters represent the stories referenced for Clarke by the seven squad members. Some of these chapters are also imparting follow up info from a squad member confiding it to Clarke.

~~Chapter Three:

Mathias was a member of the recon squad and witness to the above recounted incident. He stayed a year longer in Vietnam than the rest of his comrades, being an enlistee and not a draftee.

He confided privately to Clarke that on his last night in Vietnam his base was under heavy VC fire and he was injured. A blue man appeared suddenly and shielded Mathias' body with his as the bombardment continued. When over, the being eased the pain, and aided healing, of a leg injury by applying his hands to it. And then he quietly departed, after noting that he knew or had met Mathias previously, an apparent reference to the incident recounted in chapter two.

~~Chapter Four:

Wilson, also a member of the recon squad, shared privately with Clarke another encounter he experienced in Hawaii after the war. The blue men encountered him on one of his illicit trips after dark up to the top of Diamond Head. The area is controlled by the federal government and is off limits after dark. They told him without explanation that he was in danger.

The beings also referenced the night in the Vietnam jungle when they first met: "....they told me that on that night...they saved us because we were not the aggressor...". The beings also explained that the ten Viet Cong that disappeared on the hill were in fact taken alive to a peaceful world.

~~Chapter Six:

The recon crew steered Clarke towards a witness named Ute who experienced his own encounter when he was part of the incursion into Cambodia launched by Nixon in mid 1970. Ute claimed he spent several days with the blue beings and learned some key facts about their civilization.

Ute shares his story but agrees to its publication after he examines Clarke's previous works, to alleviate his concerns. She answers his inquiry into how she decides to choose an account to be published: "Whether I believe you or not. Whether the story is compelling that I think my readers would like to read about it. Whether I can disguise your identity and the place where you live so that no one will ever find you..."

Just an hour into facing a full-on assault from Viet Cong forces, Ute finds himself separated from his squad, most of whom he's already seen fallen. He throws down his weapon, openly vowing not to kill another person. He prostrates, begging forgiveness for killing VC.

Ute, as he later learned, was being closely observed with the blue men looking on this scene by magnified means from aboard their ship. At this moment of fully surrendering to what seems to be his inevitable fate of being killed, he sees a might engulfing him and he feels himself "floating upward through the sky". He at first thought he had died, but his true circumstances becomes evident a bit later.

He next remembers suddenly being "in a clean, cool room" on a metal table, where "there were blue lights, a hazy mist". He felt disoriented as he sat up, noticing that he "was no longer dirty, hot and sweaty" and that he "felt fresh and energized" in combat fatigues that were now clean.

He meets a tall, muscular, blue-glowing being who helps orient Ute, explaining they were observing the battle and upon seeing his surrendering-aggression actions, they felt moved to save him.

He tells Clarke that he was with these beings for several days. "When the invasion was over and the remaining troops were retreating, I was taken to a safe place where I could join other combat troops unnoticed. When we returned to base, I discovered I was the only one from my squad to survive."

Ute shared some of the things he learned from these beings during his days with them:

---Their civilization is more than a million years older than ours.

---Over time, some learned "how to turn their bodies into energy" which is when "their scientists, leaders, and people of knowledge became light beings".

---A species of solid, biological beings remained also, sexually reproducing. Some serve as workers, with the brightest remaining non telepathic to be freed up to develop and create innovations, refreshing the culture. The light beings are largely telepathic and can revert for periods to a solid state.

---Prior to the above evolutionary leap, there was an overpopulation problem. Now, a two planet and two species civilization.

---A non aggressive civilization able to defend itself through "mind control" and through an ability to remove "subjects to a different setting".

~~Chapter Seven

Mele was referred to Clarke by Ute. Ute and Mele had shared (only) with each other their encounter experience when they were in Vietnam. Mele's experience inspired him to become an astronomer after the war.

His encounter experience happened while he and his squad were on a mission in an area, they learn, that their commanders were going to spray with Agent Orange. Mele seeks a refuge from that and finds a small opening to a cave. He crawls through that to find a taller passageway. He sees flickering lights further down the passage and proceeds to check that out.

He comes across, and tries to spy on, three tall and muscular beings who "were surrounded by a blinding blue light" (that hides facial features), but is found out and guided by them to a very spacious area where he sees a craft. They take him first into space for a view of earth and then place him in an area free from Agent Orange spraying.

While with these beings, he reports being advised to work for change related to wars and biological weapons. He tells Clarke that he feels that would be futile, that he only has potential impact with family and in the neighborhood. Also, he said that "they told me that governments do not control a man's actions on their plane". This was in response to Mele explaining he was drafted to fight.

~~Chapter Eight

There was another witness that the group in Ira's hospital room had referred to Clarke who also was not part of their squad but had an encounter with the blue men. He was in Oklahoma and hard for Clarke to locate, which she did, finding him in hospice care.

Sherman at 5' 2" was trained to find and destroy VC tunnels. He and a partner stumbled across a hidden high tech offshoot of one VC tunnels where standing humanoid reptilian beings emerged and sprayed them with a disabling liquid, scarring their hands and hurting their vision. Protective gear likely saved their lives.

Sherman loses consciousness but strangely finds himself outside the tunnel with a tall and blue-glowing being over him, assuring him he meant him no harm.


There are several more stories regarding these beings in this section. The reader is strongly encouraged to get this book so I'll limit my profiling to the above cases. Hopefully the word will go out to encourage veterans of wars and others (like a retired FBI agent telling Clarke how she was saved by the blue entities) to share any encounters with this type of being.

Section Two

In the introduction Clarke notes ancient lore regarding reptilian and insectoid beings as well as modern-day reports of encounters with them. This section of cases presents a mix of positive and negative experiences.

Clarke profiled eleven cases in this section.

Section Two, Chapter Two


A friend of Clarke's on the BIA police force referred her to a cousin of his who ran a security business on the reservation.

Craft Description:

Clinton measured the landing trace signs in the snow the morning after the encounter: "There was an elongated spot with a semi-circle at the front.....It was nearly one hundred feet from end to end..."

He described seeing an illuminated ground and going up a ramp and taken first to a small room: "....the walls were very strange like sponge, porous and wet with no evidence of a door...". Additionally: There was "a dim light filtering down." Running his hands along the wall, he felt warmth and smelled what seemed like swamp water. When he banged on the wall, "it left imprints, but they quickly disappeared."

He's soon taken to another room where he sees a disappearing earth in a viewing area of one corner.

Entity Description:

"They were huge, scaly, figures with flat faces, big wide mouths. They looked like lizards. They must have stood 8 feet tall....They wore no clothes but had some kind of belt around their waist.....And their arms were huge...Their eyes, they were the scariest part of all. Huge oval-shaped eyes that wrapped partially around the sides of their heads. Their pupils were yellow and oval-shaled."

"They were communicating among themselves. I think that's what their grunts and whistles, almost like hisses, were."

Activity Description:

One of Clinton's employees called in sick and Clinton took his rural route for security check rounds of widely dispersed homes. It was a cold, snowing night.

At his first stop his truck died as he approached and when he started walking towards the house he saw a bright light behind it. He takes out his gun and carefully approaches.

"When I reached the house, I crept a long the side, hoping to surprise them. Just as I planned to get the jump on them, their flashlights turned towards me, blinding me. I knew they were advancing on me....I raised my gun and ordered them to stop. I no sooner for it out of my mouth than I felt a hand on my neck."

Clinton is 6' 4" and 240 lbs "but whatever had a hold of my neck lifted me off the ground like I was a toy". As he struggled, his neck was squeezed. When he gives up, he notices or sees their appearance: "they were not human".

He is taken on board, sees the two interior craft scenes described above, and that's the extent of his memories on board the craft. He next remembers "lying outside my client's house", wearing only his underwear. He puts on an old hunting coat and finds that the truck that had died earlier now started up okay.

He drives to the ER where a doctor cleaned and stitches up wounds on his neck. (He's given hospital pants to wear as he makes up a story about the neck wounds.) Clarke reports seeing Clinton's scars there.

In checking the scene the next day, he finds his gun. It is ruined, with the firing mechanism melted. He has disturbing dreams but doesn't remember much.

Section Two, Chapter Three


"Julian was a former Bureau of Indian Affairs police detective." He has many assignments in remote locations on reservations throughout the West. "Over the years he had witnesses many UFOs, but nothing compared to the night he encountered a being on a desert road in Arizona."

The witness contacted Clarke by email after reading her first book on encounters and they arrange an in-person meeting.

Craft Description:

Interior scenes will be noted in Activity Description.

Entity Description:

Insectoid beings who appear to supervise small and tall Greys. They have "rounded bodies and grasshopper legs. They stand upright to about seven feet tall and sometimes drop to the floor and sit on their haunches like grasshoppers..."

"Aside from their formidable size, they have arms and legs with several joints. At each joint, there are long hairs maybe four inches long....They have long torsos, rounded middles and long necks. Their faces are very strange. They're shaped like a big triangle with rounded edges, with huge, slanted, black eyes. Their chins come to a sharp point.....Their skin is a combination of light green and tan. They actually appear to have a protective shell about their middle..."

Activity Description:

Julian was on his way to investigate a house thought to be a key site for a cartel encroaching a reservation to process and distribute drugs when he saw a "tall creature" that looked like a "giant grasshopper" on the edge of the highway. He slows down and shines a spotlight on the entity. The entity responds by crouching down and, when standing back up, it appears as a human figure.

His car suddenly died and the being leads Julian, who felt immobilized after reaching for his gun, to the side of the road. Julian expressed concern for the car being in the road and the entity reassures him the car would be secured.

His very next memory is of being on board their craft. Altogether he can't remember a few hours of time, but he awakens in a room where the being, still appearing as a human, enters the room with two small Grey beings with him. The being is making "strange clicking or grunting sounds" towards the Grey's and "they moved to the back of the room and stood there like little soldiers".

Julian demands to know why the being now appeared as a human and he's told it was to put him at ease. The being explains that they had been observing him at work as he patrolled the area. "He asked the strangest questions. He asked me about my job!....He wanted to know why I captured people and put them in cages."

The being reverts to his original form and asserted "that there was no need to put people in cages; there were other methods."

With that the being has the two small Grey beings come forward and they escort Julian down a hallway: "We came to a room that smelled like a hospital. There I met humans....[who] were motionless. They looked awake, but we're in a trance-like state. They didn't speak, blink their eyes, or move the slightest."

The insectoid being, Julian felt, was showing him other possible alternatives to caging people.

The being then asks about the methodology in identifying people. "I explained to him about fingerprints. I took my fingerprint pad out of my breast pocket, took the hand of one of the transfixed female captives, and pressed her thumb into it. I carefully transferred the print to a small notebook in my breast pocket. I showed it to him. I explained I could use the print from her thumb to identify the person. He seemed interested in the process. When he was distracted, I slipped the notebook back into my pocket and kept thinking about Christmas."

The last remark puzzled Clarke so he explained that since the beings were telepathic he kept his mind focused on how they had decorated last years Christmas tree. It kept him from thinking about the notebook.

He saw three young men and three young women who appeared to be in their 20s and handsome and beautiful. The room they all were in "had several strange looking machines that looked like hospital equipment".

Julian is soon escorted back to his car. Later he resorts to the Integrated Automated Fingerprint Identification System:

"She was a seventeen-year-old female from Las. Vegas. She has been arrested for times for prostitution. She disappeared there years ago. Her roommate reported her missing. She said the last time she saw her, she was getting into a car with a strange looking man...She had no known living relatives..."

Section Two, Chapter Seven


The witness was nicknamed Rambo and Clarke learned of his encounter from his mother. The witness was in his twenties. Rambo runs the computer tech for the tribe's phone, internet and school systems.

Craft Description:

First seen as star-like streaking across sky, then later as 'a huge ball of light" with four smaller spheres coming out of it. Observed as an object about 40 feet wide, hovering over water.

Entity Description:

"They looked like big lizards and yet they walked like men."

"Their heads were rounded in the back...Their foreheads were high up, but the rest of their faces were flat. Their noses were flat and their mouths were huge..."

Activity Description:

Rambo went to his fishing spot one morning and upon arriving at his spot saw an object hovering over the river. "At first I thought it was just skimming the river. Then, I saw a whirlwind created in my fishing spot, and it wasike a tornado sucking up water from the river. I saw two beings, which looked like large lizards, jump into the water once the suction ended."

When he steps on a twig the beings notice him and turn towards him. The craft also moves towards him and when overhead his motorcycle won't start and his body feels immobilized. The two beings flank him and he feels himself move upwards towards the craft. He states at this point the fear he had felt at first disappears.

He finds himself in a domed room where a third being enters and telepathically reassures him while also noting resistance was futile. He remembers being taken to another room, one that seemed strange and to his eyes seemed like some sort of laboratory. Feeling immobilized again, he feels a burning sensation on his arm and sees that they're taking blood.

His next memory is of sitting under a tree by the river. He goes home feeling pain in his abdomen and sleeps a straight 14 hours. He subsequently has nightmares of the entities opening up his stomach and examining that. He has a thin white surgical scar there indicating something like that happened.

Section Two, Chapter Eight


Wiley is an ER doctor at a rural Indian hospital. He communicated with a NYC doctor who he met onboard the craft where they and other doctors had been abducted. Wiley invited Clarke and her husband planned to join him in Las Vegas when he met up with Fred (the other doctor). Wiley in his interview with Clarke shared Fred's recollections also.

Craft Description:

Huge appearing, externally and internally. "I was inside an entry that appeared to be as big as a football field. There were huge tanks in the center of the area....[that were] transparent. There were six of them, and there was some kind of liquid inside that moved up and down almost like a lava lamp..." Appeared too heavy to be water. Wiley asked about it and was only told it had something to do with the atmosphere. "There were other mysterious machines in this area, mostly banked against the walls. The walls were concave and the machines were built to meld into them. They looked similar to huge computers, but when I asked about them I understood they had something to do with the guidance system...."

Entity Description:

A human-like female, around 5' 6", apparently like a doctor. She had long blonde hair which may have been a wig as she was seen as bald also.

Large lizard-like beings in humanoid form who seemed to assist with security.

And small humanoid beings who appeared to be the classic small Grey's: "The small men's eyes were large and seemed to wrap halfway around their heads...."

Activity Description:

On the second night of his camping, Wiley is in his tent when "bright lights lit up the campsite".

He sees a huge craft land in the meadow just 30 yards from his camp. Soon he sees beings come out, moving about.

He stays hidden as he watches one figure comes over in his direction. He stands up when they get close. He feels speechless but shines a light on them and sees a human-like female with long blond hair and about his height. She makes a shrill sound and two large lizard-like humanoids come and escort him onto the craft.

Wiley is first in the spacious room described above and then is next taken to another level into a small room where there are three other men. Two seem out of it but he's able to converse with one, named Frederick, and learns that he's a doctor also, but from New York City. The vow to try to contact each other if they retained any memory of this experience. (They do, Wiley reaching out with Fred responding immediately.)

They remember some procedures, like sperm being collected. But, the main thing that the beings seemed to indicate as their purpose was a collection of the knowledge held by the men. They used a tube-like device around their head for a "recording" of that.

Wiley got some scarring on his torso from the claws of the lizard-like beings who undressed the resistant Wiley. This was when he was placed on a table for examinations and procedures.

It turns out that Wiley was onboard for three days but he wasn't aware of that when he found himself back in his tent, waking up in his sleeping bag. He hunted a deer and left the next day as memories of the experience started coming back. He learns in town that he had people looking for him and that he was gone for six days and not the planned three.

Section Two, Chapter Nine


"Doli" is the daughter of a woman Clarke has known for twenty years. Clarke meets Doli at a conference where Doli's mom is the keynote speaker. Clarke was also a speaker at this conference and Doli tells her that is why she's attending because she had read her books and had a story to tell: "I knew it was my time to tell my story. There are not many stories about the insect men, but those that do exist are about frightening experiences. I've had just the opposite."

Doli is now an accomplished entomologist and states an intention to go public regarding the Mantid beings when full disclosure or exposure of ET visitations happens.

Craft Description:

"When I got to the bottom of the ravine, I saw this giant, flattened, silver ball among the shrub trees."

Entity Description:

Not detailed. "I came face to face with a huge insect.'

Activity Description:

At the age of 8, Doli was visiting her grandmother's farm and was alone berry picking when she encountered the craft described above. She suddenly feels a hand on her shoulder and turns to see a "huge insect". "I don't remember being afraid" but she was initially confused over the telepathic communicating. She states she was already studying and collecting insects at this point in her life. The being might have known that, given what she revealed about regular annual contacts in subsequent years. After her grandmother died, she inherited the farm and she explains to Ardy this being knows via telepathy when she's on holiday and present there at the farm.

On that first occasion of meeting, the being invited her onboard and shows her his collection. "The whole top level of the spaceship was devoted to his study. There were both live specimens and preserved specimens of the same insect. They even had pairs, both male and female, if appropriate to encourage reproduction."

The being's focus: "He was interested in the evolution of the insects on Earth as well as paleontology as it related to entomology. He studied how insects of Earth had changed over time and the effects of the environment on the evolution of the insects."

Section Three

There are 16 accounts in this section with the focus on paranormal, magic-like capacities and healing activities.

In her introduction she identified a range of commonly reported capacities observed, like telepathy, vanishing or dematerializing, shape shifting and including things like "DNA replication" and "biological manipulation".

Clarke identifies figures who have published cases of encounters that have involved the healing and/or enhancing of humans and animals: Preston Dennett, Budd Hopkins, John Mack, David Jacobs, John Mack, Thomas Bullard and John Carpenter.

Due to wanting to encourage people to get this book, I will only profile one of the sixteen accounts in this section. It involves a common method for healing that's been frequently reported, laying on of the hands.

Section Three, Chapter Four


A mother and daughter known by Clarke for many years, as friends. Mother is a retired tribal council member and daughter a social services employee with a university Masters degree in biology. Clarke sees that the mother didn't seem impaired anymore in her movements from crippling arthritis and fibromyalgia, and finds out why from both women.

Craft Description:

None. Entity said he was "deposited" at site for three days.

Entity Description:

Human form, 5' 8". "He had strange eyes. They were huge and black, and you couldn't see a pupil. He was sensitive to light and shielded his eyes every time light came near him."

"He was a doctor and researcher, as best I understood. He was a team of individuals traveling the universe collecting items for study."

"He wore a dark brown one-piece uniform. A white label on his arm was stamped with unfamiliar figures. He later told me that it identified his role in his planet."

"He said that on his planet it was cold on the surface, but his people lived underground where it was warmer and more moist than Earth." Light there was at a twilight level.

Activity Description:

Initially alarmed by an intruder outside, even firing a shotgun at the ground in front of him, mother and daughter are calmed after their initial interaction.

They allow him to stay in the greenhouse for his planned short stay.

A discussion about diseases led to a focus on the mother's poor condition. The being says he could cure that. As she is laying on her bed, he applies his hands to her for about a minute:

"The moment he touched me, I felt this warmth engulf my body. It became uncomfortable at one point, but nothing unbearable."

End Note

In acknowledgements Clarke reports her gratitude for her husband who "nursed me back to health as I recuperated from open heart surgery and various complications associated with the surgery". It appears that she no longer responds to correspondence according to those who have tried (like Whitley Strieber said to me after he saw my online report of this book coming out in 2019).

We wish her the best, and are deeply appreciative of her works.


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