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Operation Face To Face Revelations

Updated: Sep 7

By Mike Jamieson

PO Box 86

Ukiah, CA 95482

May 22 2023

This article will describe via journal postings an effort to bring attention to the type of reported events that entail encounters with a variety of non human entities associated with so-called UFOs or UAP.

The effort will be directed towards educating the general public, journalists, academics, members of Congress, the All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office, and the Inter-Agency Task Force at the National Security Council at the White House.

The methods of reaching out include:




Classified and Display ads in newspapers.

Posting in comment sections to newspaper articles.

Here is one suggested letter/email text:

The United States Government has recently revived it's attention on the UFO subject largely due to an increase in puzzling incidents experienced by military personnel.

Provisions in the National Defense Authorization Act, now signed into law, have expanded addressing of what is now designated as UAP or Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena. This task has been assigned to a newly created "All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office" (AARO) under the direction of the Secretary of Defense and Director of National Intelligence.

A significant portion of defined duties includes the collection of historical data related to sighting reports, going back to 1945. This appears to be limited to events traditionally characterized as close encounters of the first and second kinds: sightings of craft in the sky and craft in close proximity having physical effects. (The new law mentions biological effects as a focus as well as craft that exhibit transiting from air to under bodies of waters or the reverse.)

Close encounters of the third kind incidents do not appear to be a focus for AARO or the national news media covering the revival of government attention. (These are incidents where craft have landed and people have reportedly observed, and sometimes interacted with, a variety of beings associated with the craft.) This category of cases carry even a bigger stigma than sighting reports of craft with what the latest AARO public report noted exhibited "unusual flight characteristics and performance capacities".

The following site provides a basic introduction and background education to the very large body of reports which may go a fair distance in helping identify the beings associated with this long-standing mystery:

Here is a poster, generally planned for college and university campuses:

June 6 2023

Yesterday was an historic day with the publishing of an article by Leslie Kean and Ralph Blumenthal in The Debrief where they introduced "whistleblowers" David Grusch, Karl Nell, and Jonathan Grey. The article basicly reported that the recovery and study of extraterrestrial technology and deceased beings is a reality.

Therefore, this affects timing for plans to poster on the campuses of UC Berkeley and UC Davis, now planned for in the fall of 2023.

Other actions directing attention to the info-rich CE3&4K case databases are planned now. I continue posting in comments now and then at the online site for the Anderson Valley Advertiser.

June 13 2023

Have initiated a poll on twitter:

June 15 2023

The lack of press coverage following the David Grusch revelations could impact plans for the timing of postering. We shall see.

June 23 2023

The last article was posted yesterday. It addresses High Strangeness. In the end, that's one of the most difficult elements in encounter experiences that people will have to somehow process.

A few posts at this site will be regularly updated: a journal for developments in close encounter research; a compilation of links related to abduction and encounter experiences; a compilation of links related to Exoplanet discoveries; and this journal here, chronicling public ed efforts.

July 28 2023

On July 26 a subcommittee (addressing National Security and related matters) of the House Oversight Committee took the testimony of David Grusch and two retired Navy aviators, Ryan Graves and David Fravor. The director (Sean Kirkpatrick) of the Pentagon UFO program (AARO) pushed back on some points of the Grusch testimony a day after, speaking personally and not officially for the DOD.

While many remain focused on government-uap issues, there will be an effort, now very small-scaled, to direct attention to ce3,4k case effort described in this journal.

August 17 2023

Whitley Strieber reports distressing events which may relate to the sensitivity some DOD/IC factíons may have re attention being directed to CE4K encounters:

September 7 2023

From Anderson Valley Advertiser comment thread, Sept 6:

The above is one example of many such threads there over the past few years with others having weighed in, skeptically for the most part.


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