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Obama Clears Path Through The Stigma Surrounding Extraterrestrial Encounter Cases

Updated: Feb 15, 2023

Operation Right To Know: Press Release

Obama Clears Path Through The Stigma Surrounding Extraterrestrial Encounter Cases

The alleged tens of thousands of credible encounter cases and the millions of credible sightings of of alleged extraterrestrial craft show us that ETs have already disclosed the truth. The problem seems to be that humanity as a whole is just not smart enough to put all the pieces divulged to witnesses together, excluding disinformation.

Until the Betty and Barney encounter case, that now is being promoted by Obama, achieved widespread public knowledge even prominent UFO investigators suppressed occupant encounter cases. Those of us who have studied encounter cases most of our lives have learned a lot about the intelligent universe in which we are embedded. Perhaps the best collected and researched encounter cases are those indigenous cases collected by respected Montana State's Ardy Sixkiller Clarke (see over 30 years. (Preston Dennett and Albert S Rosales are also prolific collectors and promoters of encounter cases in their books.)

She provides a balanced selection of credible cases from highly predatory to highly altruistic in her books. This is a good place to start for both those uninformed and informed. This basic understanding is very important to the disclosure process because it indicates the old adage of as below so above.

A diversity of star faring species operating on and about earth and the solar system suggests organizational structures much like the diversity promotes here on earth including federations, confederations, mutual defence treaties like our NATO etc. These cases also clearly show that we don't own the earth but share it with many star faring species going about their business under the radar of most of the public.


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